Expressive Arts Showcase 2022

S1 Dance

S1A Commercial Dance
S1C and S1D Commercial Dance
S1C Commercial Dance

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S3 Contemporary Hometown
S3 Choreography – Grass isn’t always greener
S3 Contemporary Hometown 2
S3 Choreography – Loneliness
S3 Jazz Candyman

S3 Dance

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National 5 Dance (Choreography)

Mari MacPherson – My imaginary friend
Tianne Marshall – My Shadow
Claire McLaughlin – Drowning
Ava McCrorie – Support for Cancer
Jenna Craig – Body Insecurities
Cameron Pullar – Refugees
Kayla Lee – Heartbreak

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Jenna Craig – Contemporary Solo
Mari MacPherson – Contemporary Solo

National 5 Dance (Contemporary Solos)

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National 5 Dance (Jazz Solos)

Cameron Pullar – Jazz Solo
Kayla Lee – Jazz Solo
Claire McLaughlin – Jazz Solo
Tianne Marshall – Jazz Solo

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Jenna Summers Contemporary Solo
Niamh Burns Contemporary Solo
Kelsey Wilson Contemporary Solo
Olivia Galbraith Contemporary Solo
Cody Wilson Contemporary Solo

Higher Dance (Contemporary Solos)

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Higher Dance (Choreography)

Cody Wilson Choreography – Metamorphosis
Jenna Summers Choreography – Two Sides to Covid
Kelsey Wilson Choreography – Forest Fires
Naimh Burns Choreography – Drowning
Olivia Galbraith Choreography – Darkside of Oz

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Olivia Galbraith Jazz Solo
Kelsey Wilson Jazz Solo
Naimh Burns Jazz Solo
Jenna Summers Jazz Solo
Cody Wilson Jazz Solo

Higher Dance (Jazz Solos)

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