Parent Pay

Parent Pay is an online cashless system introduced to schools by Renfrewshire Council.  This cashless system allows parents to transfer money into their child’s school meal account, pay for trips and events and purchase items from the school shop at a time that is convenient for you.

Activation instructions can be provided from the school office if you have not yet got an account.

The account can provide parents with information on their child’s meal choices and provides a breakdown of the transactions allowing you to be informed at all times.

Additional benefits to the cashless system is the option to pay by monthly direct debit, set your own alerts (to be informed if the account reaches a certain balance) and pay money into the account over a gradual period of time before allocating to a payment item i.e. school trip.

For more information on ParentPay, please look at the following websites.

or for any trouble shooting/FAQ’s, there are links on the Park Mains High School website.

Children of parents receiving certain benefits are entitled to a free midday meal.  Information and application forms for free school meals are available from schools, registration offices, customer service centres or by downloading from the council’s website:

Children in receipt of free school meals still have these advantages, meal allocations are added by Renfrewshire Council by mid- morning, allowing break time purchases. Any unspent allocation is deducted by the end of the school day. Parents can top-up with additional funds.

Please see our most recent pupil price list below.