SQA Apps

SQA have 2 excellent Apps which many of our pupils are finding useful in organising their Study Time in preparation for the exams in April/May. The Apps can be downloaded using the links on the following page; https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/1439.html

S3-5 German Restaurant trip

On Wednesday 8th February, pupils studying German went on a trip to the Bavarian Brauhaus in Glasgow. Pupils were able to sample authentic German cuisine in a restaurant setting which brought their language learning to life. Some of the foods they enjoyed were Bratwurst, the famous German “Currywurst” with curry sauce, Käsespätzle (a German version …
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Options Process 2023-24

The Options process for pupils to select subjects for next Session 2023/24 is now underway. Documents to support this session’s Option process can be found under the Options tab. This includes a Curricular Pathways Presentation that shows progression pathways through different subject areas. The presentation is hyperlinked so you can find out more about each …
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