S1 & S2 Paired Numeracy and Paired Reading

Pupils selected to be involved in either of these programmes will be paired with an S6 pupil to carry out an additional 15 minutes of numeracy work and/or reading on a weekly basis. Pupils selected are not necessarily those who find either of these areas challenging but rather those who would benefit from further practice.

The Paired Numeracy booklets are designed to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding. This means supporting pupils to solve calculations whilst articulating what they are doing and why.

The Paired Reading booklet will be used alongside books sourced from Barrington Stoke – an award-winning publisher of accessible children’s books. Pupils will complete their booklet each session, writing down what they have read about and noting any new words they have learned.

These booklets are available to access on our school website. Please click on the links shown.

This is an excellent opportunity, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact this intervention has on those involved in the programme.

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