S2 Options

Please find the PowerPoint presentation from the S2 assembly from Wednesday 1st February as well as some information from departments. The Option Form will open at 8pm Wednesday 8th February after the parents night. Please do not submit your options until you have had a conversation (and some research!!) about your possible career and subjects required.The Online Form will stay open until Friday 17th Feb at 23:45. There is a QR code on the paper copy of the Option Form as well as the link below.

Points to note:

  • You will only have one submission for your options.All this information can also be found on the school website. Also, ask your teachers or come and see me!!
  • All pupils will choose 7 curricular subjects from Option columns A to G. 1 subject in each column.
  • Pupils will receive a recommendation from their Maths teacher about which pathway they should follow in order to be successful.
  • Pupils will also choose a subject in Option H Column. This may be an Additional N5 Pathway or a Vocational Pathway or an Employability Pathway. Depending on which pathway the pupil chooses depends on the number of periods for the course as well as core PE.
  • In the Enrichment Option H Column, you may not be able to take certain courses based on your choices for your curricular subjects.
  • If you choose PE THEN you can’t choose PE in this column.
  • If you choose RMPS THEN you can’t choose RMPS in this column.
  • If you choose a Modern Language THEN you can’t choose Modern Languages for Life and Work.
  • If you choose Modern Studies THEN you can’t choose Criminology.
  • If you choose Admin & IT or Computing THEN you can’t choose Digital Skills.
  • If you choose Art & Design THEN you can’t choose Expressive Arts.

Some useful websites for you: