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Service Pledge

  • Oct 17 / 2013
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Service Pledge

Standards and expectations

We will:
• offer all children and young people a free school place
• provide school premises which meet health and safety standards
• provide information on your child’s progress
• provide religious and moral education for your child
• give support to parent involvement in schools
• provide information on school activities
• provide 27.5 hours of class contact time for pupils in each normal school week and
• help pupils prepare for vocational, further and higher education.

Pupils will have opportunities for:
• personal and social development
• music, cultural activities and creativity
• access to healthier lifestyles and sports activities and
• community involvement.

You can also expect:
• a formal written report on your child’s progress
• an annual report on progress within the school improvement plan
• an opportunity to have a formal meeting with your child’s class teacher or teachers
• us to meet your child‘s needs
• regular reports on the quality of the school.

How can you help?
By law, you must make sure your child receives education. As a parent, you can help your child by:
• making sure your child goes to school regularly
• encouraging and supporting your child with any homework given
• showing that you are interested in how your child is getting on at school
• encouraging your child to respect the school and the whole school community and
• being involved in the school.