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Senior Management

  • Oct 17 / 2013
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Senior Management


Head Teacher (Mr. M. Dewar)

The curriculum and all matters relating to the quality of education for all learners. More specifically: Strategic overview of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE); Improvement Planning; Raising Attainment; the Delegated Management of Resources; all staff matters including appointments and welfare; school discipline; partnership in the broadest sense but particularly with parents; Principal adviser to the Parents’ Council.

Education Support Manager (Mrs. K. Taylor – Bute)

Computerised administration; Statistical returns; Raising Attainment; SQA Coordinator and SQA arrangements; Room allocations; Liaison with architects and oversight of school repairs; Skills for Work; Shadowing the timetable; Delegated Management of Resources; Absence cover; Management of APT & C staff; School calendar; New build in liaison with HT; Health & Safety. Transport (including Travel Plan) Management of ICT.

Deputy Head Teacher (Mr. B. Gillen –  Arran)

  • Year Group Head S4 & S5
  • Professional Development (including CPD Coordinator/overview of Collegiate Groups)
  • SQA Support
  • Absence Cover (SQA)
  • School’s Activities Week
  • School Dances

SMT /CfE Links –

  • Maths/Numeracy
  • Social Subjects/RMPS
  • Citizenship

Deputy Head Teacher (Mr S Wilson – Bute )

  • Year Group Head S6
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • Timetable, Options Overview
  • Curriculum Structures
  • Religious Observance/Assemblies
  • Equal Opportunities
  • House System/Award Ceremonies
  • Pupil Leadership

SMT/CfE  Links –

  • Technology
  • ICT
  • Enterprise/Finance Employability

Deputy Head Teacher (Mrs. V. McKay – Arran)

  • Year Group Head S1
  • Pupil Support Primary/Secondary
  • Primary Transition
  • Inclusion and Equality

SMT /CfE Links –

  • Pupil Support (Guidance/SfL/Bridge Base)
  • Personal Support
  • PE / Health and Wellbeing

 Deputy Head Teacher (Mrs. P Kirkwood – Mull)

  • Year Group Head S2
  • Self EvaluationAttainment and Achievement (including Award Ceremonies & AfE)
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • Assessment and Reporting

SMT/ CfE  Links –

  • English/Literacy/Library
  • Mod Languages
  • Art & Design
  • Music Creativity

Depute Headteacher (Mrs P Crean – Skye)

  • Year Group Head S3
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Self Evaluation
  • Improvement Planning
  • Parental Engagement/Family Learning
  • Probationers and Students

SMT/CfE Links –

  • Science/STEM
  • Sustainability

Principal Teachers of pastoral care

Pastoral Care staff have a responsibility for the general welfare of each pupil in their Group. They maintain an oversight of records and the attendance of pupils. They also make every effort to monitor the curricular progress of individual pupils and provide personal, vocational and curricular Pastoral Care. Personal and Social Education courses are managed by Pastoral Care staff.

Pastoral Care staff endeavour to ensure all pupils are interviewed at least once per session. They are normally the first point of parental contact with the school.

Principal teachers curriculum

They take responsibility for the organisation of learning and teaching within their own department. They have a responsibility to ensure that suitable course work is provided for all pupils and to monitor and review this in line with school, local authority and national guidelines, particularly in the light of Curriculum for Excellence. They play a key management role within the school and endeavour to keep parents informed of how they can work together with the department, for the benefit of the children