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Pastoral Care

  • Oct 17 / 2013
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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care system in the Park Mains High School is arranged vertically, which means that your daughter/son remains in the care of the same personnel throughout her or his school career.

Pastoral Care staff are concerned with the overall welfare of all learners; they advise and guide pupils and monitor their education progress. By means of interview and a variety of other approaches they attempt to ensure they are in a position to provide pupils with the appropriate support throughout their school career. They make contact with parents and have an important role to play with parents when pupils are making option choices. They also maintain pupil records, as well as teaching and co-ordinating courses in Personal and Social Education for all pupils.

Parents should contact the School office if they require a meeting with Pastoral Care staff or wish to pass on information. Because Pastoral Care staff have teaching commitments, it may not be possible for parents who arrive at school without an appointment to see the appropriate member of Pastoral Care Staff.

Pastoral Care Groups 2014 – 2015

  • CALDER — Mr. I. Cox
  • CART– Ms. S. Stewart
  • KELVIN — Mrs. L. Hendry
  • LEVEN — Mr. C. Wake

Pupil Records
* The records of pupils are maintained and kept by the Pastoral Care Staff under secure conditions.

* Records are destroyed 5 years after the pupil has left school.