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Technology: Craft, Design & Graphics

  • Feb 18 / 2014
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Technology: Craft, Design & Graphics


  • Mr. K. McGroarty (Faculty Head)
  • Mr. S. McWilliams
  • Mr. S. McDonald (Technician)
  • Mr. A. Henry
  • Mrs. G. Marshall
  • Ms. A. Watt
  • Miss. H. Madigan
  • Mr. M. Reilly

Design And Technology

Unlike the majority of teaching department s within Park Mains High School, the Design & Technology department is made up of 4 main core subject areas that involve both knowledge and understanding as well as practical work within both the Graphics rooms and workshop, as well as interdisciplinary links with other subject departments. The 4 subjects areas cover a vast range of curriculum content that will both challenge and excite pupils to work to the best of their abilities.

All 4 subject areas are taught from S1 through to S5/6, with a wide variety projects and curriculum content that challenge pupil knowledge and practical abilities. All pupils’ learning is catered for and will involve all forms of Assessment is For Learning and peer and self- assessment, to widen pupil knowledge and experiences.