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Numeracy in Technology – Craft, Design & Graphics

  • Apr 21 / 2015
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Numeracy in Technology – Craft, Design & Graphics




Related Numeracy Outcomes

  • Ratio and proportion

  • Estimation and rounding

  • Number and number processes

  • Measurement

In Graphics it is important that we are able to use scale to produce scale Drawings that are accurate to the nearest millimetre.

When working in graphics we can create charts; these are used for the analysis and presentation of data

When creating models in the workshop it is essential that we read the drawings to find the correct dimensions and then use the correct measurements in order to produce accurate components that will fit together when assembled.

In our design and manufacture we need to calculate the amount of materials required accurately so that we have enough to complete the model without waste. This will include estimates of the amount of material lost in cutting allowances.

When working planning our models in design and manufacture we make use of time to ensure that the prototype can be made in the available time and the final product will not be to expensive to make.


Information Sheet – Open and read!

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S1 Quiz Sheet – technical

Homework Exercises:

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