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STEM Challenge – Queensferry , Forth Road Bridges

  • Jan 31 / 2020
School News

STEM Challenge – Queensferry , Forth Road Bridges

S2 pupils recently attended a STEM Challenge at the Contact and Education Centre, Forth Road Bridges. What better way to hear about the day than from the pupils themselves:


“I had an excellent day today at the Forth Bridges. I was given the chance to build a bridge with my team and learn what engineers do. It was a great experience for me!” Logan


“Team work, team work, team work!” Ben


“Today was a very interesting day. It consisted of problem solving, communication and team work. Overall, it was a very interesting day and opened a new career idea.” Catherine


“Today was fun. We worked in teams to design and create a bridge and learned more about the engineering community and what they do.” Zara


“We went into a room and were put into 4 teams. In these 4 teams we completed 2 tasks. One was building a bridge by ourselves and the second was building a bridge with a blueprint. It was very fun and we enhanced our team skills.” Isla


“I really enjoyed being a project manager. Also, I really enjoyed building the bridges out of plastic blocks.” Aaron

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