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Spring 2017 Newsletter

  • Mar 31 / 2017
Head Teacher's Blog

Spring 2017 Newsletter

As the busy Spring Term comes to an end I would like to update you on the many activities our pupils have been involved in and some of their many achievements.

This new style newsletter on the school website, will replace the paper copy traditionally issued at the end of each term. Our website is now receiving up to 1500 hits per day and our Twitter feed, @TheParkMains, is proving very popular too so please follow Park Mains High School on it to keep up to date with what is going on.

Finally, I hope all pupils, staff and their families have an enjoyable Easter break and wish all our Senior pupils well in their forthcoming examinations.


Michael Dewar, Headteacher



Easter School / Supported Study

In PMHS many staff offer unpaid supported study sessions for our pupils and I know many pupils attend these and find them of use. In addition to this we will also be offering Easter School during the Spring Break to assist pupils in preparing for their SQA Examinations.  Please see timetable under School News on the website.


SQA Examinations & Study Leave

SQA exam leave starts for eligible S4-6 pupils on Tuesday 2 May. Thereafter pupils only have to attend to sit examinations.  They may however come into school to study or to meet with teachers.  Please note that pupils should prearrange when to meet with staff as they may have classes or other commitments if pupils turn up unannounced.  Please also note if coming into school pupils should be in school uniform.

Pupils can access the SQA website to see the dates and times of examinations and they will be issued with personalised timetables after the Spring Break which will include rooming arrangements.


S4/5 Employability/Enrichment Programme

If pupils are being presented for only N3 or N4 qualifications, as they have no final examinations, they are not eligible for study leave. S4 pupils have priority in securing a place in this programme which consists of a three week programme of activities to enhance pupils’ employability skills and two weeks work experience.  Pupils involved have been provided with more information by Mr Gillen.


Options’ processes

All pupils from S2-5 have now made option choices for next session. As has been highlighted at the parents’ information evenings we will try to meet all pupil requests but this may not always be possible.  Should it look likely that all of your child’s first choices cannot be met, we will contact you to discuss possible alternative options.  If a solution cannot be reached a ballot would take place to decide which pupils secured places in classes.

The full Spring 2017 newsletter can be viewed in  http://parkmains.com/newsletter-spring-2017

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