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Numeracy in Social Subjects – Geography

  • Apr 21 / 2015
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Numeracy in Social Subjects – Geography

Related Numeracy Outcomes

  • Estimation and Rounding
  • Money
  • Data and Analysis
  • Measurement
Numeracy has a significant impact on many of the topics we examine in Geography. Some of our uses are:

We will examine climate graphs;

Draw or interpret pie charts showing for example sources of water for homes in 3 different areas or energy usage;

Calculate totals such as populations or rainfall;

Use a map scale and ruler for measurement to interperet distance;

Examine Compound bar charts and line graphs;

Use grid references and compass directions.

Without a good understanding of core Numeracy skills it would be very difficult to experience Geography to its full potential!


Information Sheet – Open and read!

Numeracy within Geography

S1 Quiz Sheet – Geography


Check the Numeracy mat below – do you recognise some of the links to your Numeracy skills?

Homework Exercises:

Latitude and Longitude worksheet

Lat and Long Map