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Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

  • Apr 30 / 2014
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Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies



  • Mrs. C. Ramsay (Principal Teacher JS)
  • Mr C. Whitty (Principal Teacher JS)
  • Ms. J. Riach
  • Miss. H. Anderson (P)

Department Aims and Objectives

With over half of the world’s poplulation expressing a belief in a higher power or following a religion, it is very important for us to be able to understand where beliefs and values come from and how they affect our lives.

Our key role is to help students explore some of these ideas and to provide them with the higher order thinking skills necessary in today’s world, enabling them to critically analyse a variety of viewpoints, issues and abstract concepts and be able to articulate and express their own opinions formed in light of their studies.  In other words, our job is to help you to think freely for yourself!

All pupils in S1-2 attend for 2 periods of core RMPS, undertaking a study in Ultimate Questions and the six major world religions : Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

In S3-4 pupils attend for 1 period, and during this time explore issues of morality and philosophical questions.

In S5/6 pupils at Park Mains can opt to undertake further study by pursuing  a Higher in RMPS.

The RMPS department’s website shall be migrated to the Parkmains page over the coming months. Please follow this link currently:

RMPS website