Parent Council

Every parent or carer of a pupil at Park Mains is a member of the Parent Forum and the Parent Council is a small group of 20 parents who represent them.  There are four other co-opted members of the parent council:  2 members of staff plus the head boy and head girl.  The head teacher attends in an advisory capacity.

The Parent Council meets every six weeks (excluding schools holidays) and meetings are open to all parents and carers.

Meetings are informal and are held in the management suite when COVID restrictions allow, and online on Microsoft teams when they do not.  Meetings are on a Monday evening at 7pm.

Dates will be announced on the school website.

Parent Councils have an important role to play in ensuring that children’s education is enriched by parents’ valuable life experience, individual personal skills and unique knowledge of their own child.

The Parent Council aims to:

  • provide a voice for parents on issues that are important to them and their children
  • help the school to understand how to most effectively involve parents in their children’s learning and in the life of the school
  • support the school and headteacher in developing strong home/school partnerships
  • support the school in its development and improvement, and in understanding and making links with the wider community
  • capture the unique and varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience that parents can offer.
  • help with fundraising

For more information on parental involvement or to find out about parents as partners in their children’s learning, visit the Parentzone website at