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Help with Numeracy – Parents and Pupils

  • May 15 / 2015
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Help with Numeracy – Parents and Pupils


2 heads are better than one! Working together will always add value to what is being done – even if it is simply encouragement!

“Practice makes perfect!” is without doubt a phrase that is applicable to the techniques of Numeracy. We are all different types and pace of learners and will require varying levels of practice with our Numeracy skills.



Below are a range of resources and web links which will help learners to reinforce teaching methods or provide opportunity for additional practice. The Park Mains Numeracy Booklet provides an excellent resource for parents and pupils alike to refresh or introduce teaching methods and should be referenced for additional help.

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Useful Web Links: (others can be found on the last page of the Numeracy Booklet)


Maths is Fun

Cool Math Games

Math Playground

BBC Bitesize

Maths Revision

Apps for mobile phones are also now widely available!

Here are some examples of helpful online videos which offer support at home.  There are many more but the ones below are a good taster of core skills work.

Mathantics – A whole series of well presented videos on CFE content available free to watch on YouTube. Try these and see what you think, and there are plenty more!

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