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  • Dec 19 / 2014
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Numeracy at Park Mains

How is Numeracy different to Maths?

Mathematics covers four key areas; Number, Algebra, Shape and Handling Data. Within these areas there are literally hundreds of topics that are to be covered within lessons.

Numeracy aims to identify the most important skills that a student must have when they leave school and proactively ensure that these skills are not only understood within the lesson context, but throughout a child’s school life and beyond.

Why is it important?

Being numerate is one of the most important skills a learner must have when they leave school. Employers up and down the country are asking schools to do more to ensure that when students leave school they are competent in core numeracy skills.

The core skills that have been identified are as follows:

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Understanding and Using Money, Telling the Time, Adding and Subtracting Decimals, Rounding Numbers, Finding Percentages of Quantities, Changing Fractions – Decimals – Percentages, Dividing Quantities by Ratios, Proportion, Measuring and Weighing, Reading Scales, Calculating Area and Perimeter, Knowing the names of Shapes, Reading and understanding Pie Charts, Bar Charts and Line Graphs.

These twenty core skills have been identified due to their importance in both everyday life and within a work environment. It is the aim of Park Mains to ensure that all students are competent in the use of these skills by the end of their time with us, but usually during the Broad General Education years S1 – S3.

Help is at hand! To assist both pupils and parents we have produced a very helpful booklet full of Numeracy techniques and methods for tackling all the Numeracy demands across the curriculum.

Download this fantastic resource now!

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Simple exercises like the one below help us to emphasise to the pupils the impact of Numeracy – you would be amazed at how many ways the pupils can list how Numeracy impacts daily life! 

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