New Timetable Arrangements

Next Monday is the first day of the new school timetable. The arrangements for period 1 are as follows:

New S2-S4 classes should go to their timetabled class.

New S5&6 will be in old registration classes and should go to allocated classes as shown below to get their timetable. This list will be on Teams and displayed at the entrances to the school.

Old Reg ClassTeacherRoom
4LR Toole1.055
4MH Shearer1.050
4TF Johnston0.028 (Graphics)
4VK MacLennan1.058
4WD Stewart   1.051
4XG Marshall0.001 (Graphics)
4YH Madigan0.001a (Graphics)
4ZR Provan2.029
5LM Winchester0.006
5MG McGuiness1.004
5TA Wright1.003
5VS Heeps1.001
5WS McLaughlin2.021
5XI Huggins2.001
5YD Armour1.050
5ZC Palmer1.051

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