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  • Apr 30 / 2014
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  • Miss. N. Maynes (Expressive Arts Faculty Head)
  • Mrs. L. Logan
  • Mrs. J. Loney
  • Mr. A. Tervet
  • Mr. F. Bolam (Instrumental Tutor – Guitar)
  • Mr. A. Cowie (Instrumental Tutor – Percussion)
  • Miss. G. Craven (Instrumental Tutor – Woodwind)
  • Mrs. J. Kerr (Instrumental Tutor – Cello)
  • Mr. P. Stone (Instrumental Tutor – Brass)
  • Miss. K. Rush (Instrumental Tutor – Violin/Viola)

Department Aims & Objectives

The inspiration and power of the arts play a vital role in enabling our children and young people to enhance their creative talent and develop their artistic skills.

Learning through music enables children and young people to:

  • be creative and express themselves in different ways
  • experience enjoyment and contribute to other people’s enjoyment through creative and expressive performance and presentation
  • develop important skills, both those specific to music and those which are transferable
  • develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas and, for some, prepare for advanced learning and future careers by building foundations for excellence in music