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Martin Stern – A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

  • Mar 14 / 2019
School News

Martin Stern – A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

On Wednesday 13th December Park Mains High School was honoured to host two sessions with Martin Stern (MBE), a child survivor of the Holocaust.

This was a wonderful opportunity for 200 P6 & P7 pupils across our cluster primaries and our entire S1 year group to hear first-hand what Martin, and many others, experienced during that time.

Martin shared with us his powerful story of survival and how he lives on after the horrors he endured and witnessed.

In Spring 1944, the Nazis in the Netherlands arrested a five-year old Martin and his one-year old sister because their father was a Jew. The vast majority of such children were gassed in the Auschwitz or Sobibor killing centres.

However, the Nazis had a deception plan to lend some credibility to their lie that Jews from Western Europe were being resettled and not murdered. Martin and Erica were sent to Terezin concentration camp.

Thanks to a chain of remarkable events, both were among the tiny number of children who survived.

Martin became an asthma and allergy specialist in Leicester and Erica became the head of department of Group Psychology in a Dutch university; she died in 2007.

I am sure all who attended felt enormously grateful for the opportunity to meet such an inspirational man.

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