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The Careers Service in Park Mains High School

  • Oct 19 / 2014
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The Careers Service in Park Mains High School

Skills Development Scotland careers services in Park Mains High School

Pupils in the school have access to a range of services offered by Skills Development Scotland. The Careers Adviser in Park Mains is Lesley A. MacKay and she is available in school Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.  All pupils will be offered advice and information via our careers website www.myworldofwork.co.uk , pupils will also have the opportunity to talk to the Careers Adviser at a lunchtime clinic in the library on a Friday or via referral from the Guidance staff.

The Careers Adviser is working closely with pupils who would benefit most from support in moving on from school with a coaching approach, working with pupils over a few meetings to help them manage their career planning using interviews, My World of Work and tools such as my strengths quiz.

The new arrangements mean pupils will be able to access the Careers Adviser and tools on My World of Work which are relevant to their needs. Pupils should register for free on My World of Work and do the strengths quiz before seeing the Careers Adviser.

Parents have a crucial role in helping pupils move on from School to HE, College or work and can approach the Careers Adviser for interview at anytime. We have a partner zone on My World of Work where parents can access information to help them in advising their children on career choices.

Skills Development Scotland can also help pupils who have left school and our centre at 37 Causeyside Street, Paisley, PA1 1YL and we have a contact centre where Careers advice is available by phone on 0800 917 8000

Lesley is available to give advice on Higher Education, training, College courses and advice on career planning.  The Careers Adviser works in several schools so the best method of contact is by email or voice message on landline which she can access via  email.

Contact details email Lesley.mackay@sds.co.uk

Phone  0141 849 5775  voice message service available on this number.

Have you done the Buzz Quiz?

Mrs MacKay regularly does the Buzz Quiz with classes so you can understand:

  • Your learning style – do you like group activity and discussion or quiet study?
  • Discover what your strengths are
  • Find job roles that may suit your personality

There are 16 possible results that are all connected with an animal!

Mrs MacKay is a Koala Bear – her strengths include, being patient with people and details, awareness of other people’s beliefs, values and strengths and is a popular team member.

Take the quiz at the following link and discover what animal you are.