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Primary 7 Visit

  • Oct 19 / 2014
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Primary 7 Visit

During term 3 the Depute Head Teacher, members of the Pastoral Care staff, Support for Learning staff and members of English and Maths departments meet with staff and/or pupils in the primary schools.  In June all pupils in Primary 7 spend two days in this school.  This visit gives the pupils an opportunity to visit a variety of departments and gain a brief insight into the school.  Both days will allow the pupils to meet pupils from other primary schools who will also be coming to Park Mains High School.

Arrangements for this visit are made in conjunction with the individual primary schools.

Finally, parents of all new entrants will be welcomed at a meeting in the school assembly hall.

The curriculum in all Scottish educational establishments follows guidelines set out in the various national documents in a relation to a Curriculum for Excellence. It is important that we recognise that there will continue to be changes made to subject courses over the coming years. The curriculum in S1 and S2 will continue to be reviewed to take account of further developments within and beyond the lower school and to ensure the availability of meaningful and motivating choice to all pupils regardless of ability or gender. Towards the end of S2 pupils will be in a position to know how they are likely to progress into level 4 courses in S3 and S4.

Most subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.  However classes are set in Mathematics from first year and in English from second year.  To achieve this the year groups are divided into blocks and classes are organised by ability after giving careful consideration to prior attainment.

Geography, History and Modern Studies are taught in rotation in S1 and S2 to help minimise the number of teachers who pupils are taught by in any one week.

Science is taught in an integrated way in S1 but in S2 Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught in rotation as discrete subjects.

With the introduction of a Curriculum for Excellence the ‘structure of the curriculum’ (that is how many subjects a pupil may choose and for the amount of time each subject will be allocated) has changed.

S2→S3 : Pupils will go through a course choice process where they select subjects to study under a broad general education.

S3→S4: Pupils fine tune their subjects of study by undergoing a further option process based on the subjects selected in S2. Pupils need to take English and Mathematics.

Pupils study seven subjects for four periods each per week. In S4, pupils will be presented at either National 3, National 4 or National 5 level in each subject depending on progress made.

Further information will be issued to pupils at the relevant stage in the session.