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  • Oct 19 / 2014
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Homework is an integral part of learning and teaching.  It provides the opportunity for the development of self reliance, self discipline, self confidence and participation in taking responsibility for learning by your child.  It also strengthens the link between home and school in providing an opportunity for parents and carers to share in the learning process.  Homework can take many forms and will reflect the age, stage and area of learning currently being undertaken by your child.  It will be issued on a regular basis and will be varied, meaningful and interesting.

Park Mains High School has a homework policy based on Renfrewshire Council’s policy and guidance.  You can request a copy of this policy from the school office.

The teachers and pupils make use of school planners.  Consequently every pupil will be issued with this organisational aid which is not simply a diary but includes a wealth of information about the school.  Advice and assistance in the use of the planner will also be supplied. Parents should endeavour to view the planner each evening.

We are very keen to encourage parents to help support their children in carrying out homework tasks and in monitoring their own work.  Departments will give advice where appropriate on how they, pupils and parents can work in partnership in this vital area.

The intention is to assist the young person to develop into a self disciplined student who sees education as a lifelong process.