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Extra curricular activities

  • Oct 19 / 2014
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Extra curricular activities

Extra Curricular ActivitiesHomeworkMusicSportOther

Homework support is available every lunchtime and Wednesday 14:50 to 15:50, for all year groups. A rota is currently in place for year groups at morning intervals, please see the Support for Learning Department for full information. All support is provided in the Pupil Support classroom within the Support for Learning Department.

Activity Year Group(s) Day Time Room /Location
Wind Band Monday 15:40 to 16:40 Assembly Hall
String Quartet Group Tuesday 13:30 to 14:00 0.007
Senior Choir Tuesday 15:40 to 16:40 0.006
Senior Rock Choir Tuesday 15:40 to 16:40 0.006
Ceilidh Band Wednesday Lunchtime Music Department
Junior Choir Wednesday Lunchtime 0.006
Stage Band Wednesday 15:40 to 16:40 Assembly Hall
Jazz Ensemble Thursday 15:40 to 16:40 0.008
String Orchestra Thursday 15:40 to 16:40 Music Department
Activity Year Group(s) Day Time Room /Location
Table Tennis S1-3 Monday/Friday Lunchtime  PE Department
Talented Athletes Invite Only Monday Lunchtime  PE Department
Fitness S1-3 Monday Lunchtime  PE Department
Netball S1-2 Tuesday After School  PE Department
Dance S1-6 Wednesday Lunchtime  PE Department
Rugby S1-4 Wednesday After School  PE Department
Junior Basketball Team Wednesday 14:50 to 15:50  PE Department
Zumba S5-6 Staff Thursday After School  PE Department
Girls Football All Thursday After School  PE Department
Senior Basketball Team Thursday 15:40 to 16:40  PE Department
Badminton S1-3  PE Department
Activity Year Group(s) Day Time Room /Location
Amnesty International Monday Lunchtime 0.047
Anime/Manga Club Monday Lunchtime English Department
Science Club S1 – S3 Monday 13:40 to 14:00 2.003
The Glee Club Monday 15:40 to 16:40 Music Department
Eco Committee Tuesday Lunchtime 0.047
STEM Club Tuesday Lunchtime Technical Department
Junk Kouture Tuesday Lunchtime Art Department
Paired Reading Tuesday/Thursday Lunchtime Room 1.050
Speaking Club S3 Wednesday Lunchtime 1.055
Craft Club Thursday Lunchtime Technical Department
Drama Workshop S1-2 Thursday 13:30 to 14:00 Room 1.052
Book Club S1-3 Friday 12:30 to 13:10 Room 1.054