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Assessment is for Learning

  • Oct 19 / 2014
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Assessment is for Learning

First to Fourth Years

There are no formal examinations in first, second or third year. The process of assessment is continuous throughout the session.  Where tests are used, in addition to class work, the timing of these is dictated by the structure of the curriculum rather than by the calendar.  National and local assessment guidance is being adopted by the school in terms of Curriculum for Excellence.

For fourth Year, gradings will be based on a combination of continuous assessment and formal examinations, as appropriate to each National 3,4 and 5 course.

Preliminary examinations for the National 5 level are held late in November/December.

In National 5 courses assessment is via Unit and Unit Plus tests at the end of each unit of work.  Grades are awarded on an A-D scale with A being the highest.

In addition to the above, areas such as Effort, Homework and Behaviour are assessed on Good, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.

Reports are issued once per year: – S1 in May, S2 in March, S3 in February, S4 in January and S5/6 in March.


Fifth and Sixth Year

SQA courses are assessed by prelim examinations in January and by formal examinations beginning in May.

Advanced Higher, Higher, Intermediate 1 and 2 – gradings A to D correspond to those gradings at SQA examinations.

In addition, end of unit assessments will be set throughout the year.  Passes in these assessments are a pre-requisite for a course award.  Reports are issued once per year.  In addition we have “Early Warning” reports issued in late October/early November for pupils whose progress is causing concern. In addition to this there is another review with recommendations conducted in February after the prelim examinations.