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Contact with Parents

  • Oct 19 / 2014
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Contact with Parents

As highlighted in the Head Teacher’s welcome page parents should feel free to make contact with the school at any time on any matter connected with their child’s education and welfare at the school.

Please contact the school office initially with any enquiries between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday – Friday and the staff will pass you on to the appropriate person.  If you are enquiring about any aspect of your child’s education:


CALDER                   –                       Mr I Cox

CART                         –                       Ms S Stewart

KELVIN                      –                       Mrs L Hendry

LEVEN                       –                       Mrs J Scott


S1                               –                       Mr B Gillen

S2 & S6                     –                       Mr J Young

S3/S4                         –                       Mrs A Mather

S5                               –                       Mrs J Nicholls


If you are not satisfied with the response at either of these 2 stages you can ask to speak to the Head Teacher, Mr M Dewar.


Please make contact with the school prior to phoning Renfrewshire Council Offices.


SCHOOL PHONE NO:       0300 300 1411                     FAX NO:        0141 814 3387

Email:                                    parkmainshighenquiries@renfrewshire.gov.uk

What type of response can parents expect?

The response a parent should expect depends on the issue being raised but the PT Pastoral Care may need time to obtain more detailed information for the parent.

He/she  would normally contact the parent by phone but email or a written response can be used if it either suits the parent or a response in writing is required.

The Pastoral Care Team and other points of contact

The Pastoral Care Team plays a prominent part in Home/School Links.  Although our Pastoral Care staff are normally the first point of contact, there are many other points of contact with the school.  These include:

  • Student Planner – this is a vehicle for two-way communication with staff. Pupils should record homework in their planners while parents and staff alike may record comments in the planner.  Parents are asked to sign the planner every week.
  • School Reports – Parents have the opportunity to comment on school reports. These comments are overseen by the appropriate member of the Senior Management Team.  Parental comments which require a response are passed to the appropriate member of the SMT, Pastoral Care Staff or Principal Teacher subject who responds directly to the parent.
  • There is an additional early warning for first and second year pupils.
  • Parents have the opportunity to attend an Interview Evening with their child’s teachers once per session. If a parent requires information at another time they should normally contact the PT Pastoral Care in the first instance.
  • Parents of the new first year have an Information Evening before pupils begin attendance and another with Pastoral Care staff shortly after the pupils begin first year. In addition, there are Information Evenings for parents of second  third, fourth and fifth year pupils at Course Choice times.
  • The school has an active Parent Council which reports to parents once per session. It holds regular meetings with the Head Teacher and other staff, which all parents may attend.
  • Principal Teachers of Subject/Subject Leaders maintain contact in a variety of ways. These include issuing end of unit reports, test results, issuing leaflets outlining courses and telephone contact with the parent if this is appropriate.
  • The school currently runs two Award Ceremonies and in addition to this a Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremony takes place during the session. A Junior Awards Ceremony takes place in June and a Senior Awards Ceremony takes is held in September.
  • There are opportunities for contact with parents arising from pupil involvement in extra-curricular For example, during Activities Week, staff running trips away from home hold Parents’ Evenings
  • The school issues a regular Newsletter to parents.
  • The school samples parent opinion in a variety of ways.
  • The school Website provides useful information on a number of issues.