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Medical and health care

  • Jun 03 / 2014
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Medical and health care

Parents should notify the school of any medical requirements or allergies that their child may have. If medication is required it is better if this can be provided outside the school hours but, in cases where it is necessary during the child’s time in school, parents should contact the school to make appropriate arrangements. Staff are not obliged to give medicine to pupils.

Minor accidents are dealt with by the school’s qualified first aider. If a pupil takes ill or has an accident at school which requires that they be sent home or for treatment, the school will provide first aid and contact parents or carers. So it is very important that the school has contact details for all parents or carers and an additional contact person in case parents or carers can’t be reached. This information should be kept up to date. The school will not send younger pupils home from school unaccompanied.

In the event of a serious illness or accident, a member of staff will accompany the child to a doctor or hospital and parents or carers will be notified immediately.

Parents are asked to ensure that the school is kept informed of a current emergency contact number.

Health Education Statement

Park Mains High School is a Health Promoting School.  It aims to look after the physical, social and mental well-being of its pupils by providing them with the means to make the right choices to lead a healthy lifestyle.  At Park Mains we try to achieve the above aims by;

  • imparting knowledge and developing understanding of key issues relating to health and healthy living, through the teaching of the main curricular subjects and a Health Promotion Programme.
  • allowing individual pupils to make decisions and engage in behaviour that will enhance their health.  To this end the pupils are actively engaged in developing their communication skills, assessing evidence, making decisions, problem solving, making relationships and dealing with relationships.
  • making our school a welcoming and caring organisation, where secure and positive links are developed with parents and the community at large.

The development of the school as a community is encouraged through assemblies with pupil participation.  Senior pupils are also involved in community service work, as well as helping with the younger pupils.  All pupils are encouraged to participate in an active extra-curricular and activities week programme.

  • enabling all staff and pupils to take part in the various health promotions, that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Park Mains High School is not only concerned in dealing with the prevention of ill-health in its Health Education Programme, but also with the promotion of positive health and the development of the whole person.

The School Health Service

The School Health Service is provided by: Greater Glasgow & Clyde Primary Care N.H.S. Trust.

Specific Aims Of The School Health Service

  • To promote the physical, mental and social well being of children within a school setting.
  • To identify and provide remedial action and support for pupils with health problems.
  • To assess and provide service for pupils with Special Education Needs and their families.

Your Designated School Doctor

  • Provides health advice to children and those with responsibilities for the education and welfare of school children.
  • Minimising the consequences of illness and disability in children for their education.
  • Carry out statutory medical examinations and requirements for health services for school children.
  • Integration of more children with special educational needs.
  • Providing immunisation.
  • Health advice to school staff, parents and children.
  • Advise and support children who need to take medication in school.
  • Liaise with other healthcare professionals, external agencies and will work closely with teachers.
  • Confidentiality maintained.


The Designated School Nurse can be contacted at Renfrew Health Centre 0141 207 7447/7449. The School Nurse carries out routine health screening at different stages in primary schools.  This includes screening of vision, hearing, height & weight.  If any problems are detected the School Nurse, either informs parents by phone or letter, and a plan of action is discussed.

The School Nurse is also involved in Health Education within the school. Some of the topics that may be covered include:-

  • Health Education / advice as required to the school community
  • Health Promotion
  • Support of children and families with specific needs as required.


The following areas may be addressed –


Smoking                               Hair Hygiene (‘Bug Busting’           )           Alcohol

Diet / Nutrition                     Hygiene                                              Drug Awareness

Puberty                                 Relaxation                                          Sexual Health