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  • Jun 03 / 2014
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“Tackling Bullying in Renfrewshire” is the authority’s policy on preventing and dealing with bullying in our school. The policy stresses the importance of involving the whole school community – pupils, parents and all the staff in the school.

You can view the anti-bullying policy by asking the school office for a copy of the document or by accessing the policy online at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk.

Anti bullying policy in Park Mains High School

Bullying is an unacceptable form of behaviour through which an individual or groups of individuals feel threatened, abused, or undermined by another individual.  Bullying is behaviour which can be defined as a repeated attack of a physical, psychological, social or verbal nature by those who are able to exert influence over others.


To minimise the incidence of bullying and to ensure that any incidences of bullying are dealt with appropriately.

Role of Pupils

  • Pupils should treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.
  • Pupils should not be involved in name calling, picking on other pupils or joining in with other pupils who are behaving in this way.  In fact, they should actively discourage such bullying activities.
  • Pupils should report any incidences of bullying to a responsible adult.

Role of Staff

  • Staff should ensure that they set a good example in the way they treat others.  One of the Park Mains High School aims is “promoting respect by valuing ourselves, others and our community.”
  • Reports of bullying should be taken very seriously and investigated at the earliest opportunity.
  • Confidentiality should be respected.
  • Staff should be vigilant in class, in corridors and in the vicinity of the school for any signs of bullying.
  • Support staff should not hesitate to report suspected bullying.

Role of the Curriculum

Personal and Social topics are delivered across subject departments and will incorporate material which will highlight the causes, dangers and methods of prevention of bullying.  Opportunities for emphasising these points in the wider curriculum should be taken whenever appropriate.

The above is a brief summary of our policy.  A full copy is available from the school on request.

NB: Concerns regarding bullying should be reported to the Head Teacher or a senior member of staff.