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The Bridge Base

  • Jun 03 / 2014
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The Bridge Base

The Bridge Base is a special support base designed to meet the needs of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Specific Language Difficulties.

The Base has two specialist Teachers and four Additional Support Needs Classroom Assistants. Pupils are supported in mainstream classes and they also attend the Base for tutorials to work on classwork consolidation and aspects of the following:

Communication, Social skills, Enterprise, Literacy, Numeracy, Concentration, Life Skills, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Thinking and Listening Skills, Anger Management, Organisational Skills, Teamwork and Co-operation.

The Bridge Base aims are:

  • To make pupils and parents feel happy and comfortable with school and help pupils identify and achieve their aims and objectives for life.


  • To integrate pupils fully into the mainstream experience and to be as successful as they can and so become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.


  • To develop each pupil’s language and communication skills within the context of the secondary curriculum.


  • To support academic attainments in the courses studied.


  • To encourage good self-esteem and good social skills.


  • To support teachers in classrooms and provide effective teaching strategies and information relating to Base pupils.


In addition to school staff, there is support from other professionals and external agencies, e.g. advice from speech and language therapist, educational psychologist, health, occupational therapy and social work.