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Summary of the School Improvement Plan

  • Jun 03 / 2014
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Summary of the School Improvement Plan

Action 2013-14

There will continue to be 3 ‘high level’ priorities for 2013/14 in PMHS

  • Improving pupil achievement (including attainment)
  • Improving Learning & Teaching (L&T)
  • Improving the management of resources


Key areas for improvement will fit under these as follows:


Improving Pupil Achievement

  • Continue to analyse whole-school data and take appropriate action to improve aspects of attainment including support for pupils at risk of exclusion, discontinuity of learning and low attainment


Improving Learning & Teaching

Implementing Curriculum for Excellence – continue to implement all aspects of Curriculum for Excellence particularly:

  • Evaluating and reviewing S1 – S3 BGE.
  • Implementing S4 (National 4/5) courses and Assessments (including moderation) and reporting.
  • Developing coursework for S5 using final NQ subjects specifications including assessment materials.


Enhancing the focus on L & T methodology:

  • Interdisciplinary learning across departments as well as Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Well-being.
  • Use of Active Learning, AifL, cooperative learning, ICT.
  • Increasing pupils’ responsibility in their learning.
  • Differentiation in classrooms to improve meeting pupils’ needs.


Improving the Management of Resources

  • ICT strategy (Print Strategy)
  • Effective and efficient use of ‘reduced’ resources.
  • Sustainable development (including recycling, energy efficiency, litter)