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School Dress

  • Jun 03 / 2014
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School Dress

Renfrewshire Council encourages each school to adopt a dress code after discussion with parents, pupils and the parent council. The council supports an agreed dress code because of the benefits it brings, including improvements in safety, security, discipline, ethos, community spirit and a decrease in bullying and expense for parents.

Some types of clothing will not be allowed in school for reasons of safety, decency or indiscipline. Types of clothing which will not be allowed include:

  • clothes which are a health or safety risk;
  • clothes which may damage the school building;
  • clothes which may provoke other pupils;
  • clothes which are offensive or indecent; and
  • clothes which encourage the use of alcohol or tobacco.

Pupils will not be deprived of education, any benefit or access to examinations because of not wearing school uniform.

In the interests of health and safety, of both individual and others present, all jewellery, including body jewellery, must be removed before taking part in physical education lessons or physical activities.

Grants for footwear and clothing for children are available to parents receiving:

  • income support;
  • income based job seeker’s allowance;
  • pension credit;
  • housing benefit;
  • council tax benefit; or
  • depending on annual income, child tax credit or working tax credit.

Information and application forms for free school meals are available from schools, registration offices and customer service centres or download a form from the council’s website: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk

Please help the school and the education authority by making sure that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school. The council has no insurance to cover the loss of valuable items.


Park Mains School Dress Code

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at school inappropriately dressed may be sent home to get changed.  Before this happens your parents will be contacted.

This is a very large school.  We need to work together as a team.  The kind of people we are, and the way we treat one another is obviously very important.

One aspect of teamwork in life is the wearing of recognisable uniform, and your willingness to be part of Park Mains High School can, to some extent, be measured by your co-operation with the dress code.

You can then expect your Guidance teacher to commend you for supporting the school in this way or to prompt you to perhaps make some improvement in your standard of dress.

Park Mains’ Dress Code is:


Please – always wear a white shirt/blouse and a clearly visible school tie

-ensure that shirts/blouses are respectable and they can allow the  rule of ‘only the top button being undone’ to apply

– always wear black (not grey) trousers/skirt ( no shorts or very short   “fashion” skirts are allowed)

– wear smart black footwear

Please do not – wear black shirts, black jeans or leggings

– wear denim trousers, skirts, jackets

– wear or carry anything bearing a football logo

– wear crewneck/multicoloured tops


Please also note the following important additions to this code –

–       All S5 and S6 pupils are required to wear a black blazer. (The S6 Leadership Team will wear a blazer with braid)

–      Any pupils in S1-4 can also choose to wear a blazer.