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Registration and enrolment

  • Jun 03 / 2014
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Registration and enrolment

Pupils are normally transferred from primary between the ages of 11 years 6 months and 12 years 6 months, so that they have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education.

Parents of pupils who have moved to the area or who want their child to transfer to the school should contact the school office for information about appropriate procedures and to arrange a visit.

Parents who want to send their child to a school other than the catchment school should make a placing request.  The procedure for making a placing request is explained in the leaflet ‘Sending your child to school.’ You can pick this leaflet up from any school, call our customer contact centre, 0300 300 0170, to have a copy sent to you, or download the form from the council website: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk

Induction procedures for pupils starting at the school and their parents

Parents will be notified of arrangements for meetings with school staff and induction days.