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Physical Education Kit Policy

  • Jun 03 / 2014
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Physical Education Kit Policy

If pupils are changed fully for PE they will have the opportunity to take part in the Physical Education curriculum as: referees, scorekeepers, time keepers, statisticians, recorders, equipment organisers and coaches.

All pupils will bring PE kit for every lesson even if:

-pupils have a piercing, as they will now be able to take part in their PE lesson in one or more of the roles listed above.

-pupils cannot take part fully due to health reasons, as they will now be able to take part in the lesson in one of the roles listed.

In the essence of Curriculum for Excellence all subjects are expected to contribute to educating children across the curriculum in areas such as literacy, numeracy and health and well being. Physical Education is an excellent platform for all three areas and by always bringing PE kit all pupils can be actively involved in the lesson.

Benefits of this policy: All pupils will be able to engage positively in experiences that are fun, enjoyable, exciting and challenging in a variety of contexts.

All pupils will have the opportunity to take part in Physical Education and no one will be isolated from the work of the class.

The following sanctions will apply if pupils do not follow policy

On 3rd occasion of not bringing PE Kit – Guidance staff will be informed and parents given group call.

On 4th and 5th occasion detention for 10 minutes at lunch time in PE classroom

After 6 times, parent will be contacted by Principal Teacher of Physical Education and pupils will be detained after school as per school detention policy

After 8 times Principal Teacher will pass on to Depute Head in charge of year group and they will make contact with parent.