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Numeracy in ICT – Business Management

  • Apr 21 / 2015
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Numeracy in ICT – Business Management

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  • Data and Analysis

  • Estimation and Rounding

  • Percentages

  • Money

  • Measurement

In Business Management we take an in depth look into Finance and the day-to-day management of money within a business.

We use formulae to calculate Profit and Loss Accounts. We are also required to understand and calculate the main components of a Balance Sheet.

When reading information from graphs, we need to interpret the information accurately in order to identify the breakeven point for a business. From the identification of the breakeven point we can then calculate the cost and profit per unit.

We interpret information from a Cash Flow Budget to identify how much money a business has on a monthly basis; we consider the Opening Balance, Closing Balance, Receipts and Payments.

We make use of Spreadsheet software to enter data accurately. We then analyse this data to identify trends in preferences or in the market, frequently creating charts or graphs to present this data.

 Homework Sheets:

  • S1 CfE ICT:

Task Sheet – Budget lesson

Pupil Worksheet

  • National 5 Business Management:

Business Management – Breakeven