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Numeracy in ICT – Admin & IT

  • Apr 21 / 2015
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Numeracy in ICT – Admin & IT

Mathematical Sciences | University of Technology, Sydney

Related Numeracy Outcomes

  • Time

  • Money

  • Data and analysis

  • Estimation and rounding

In Admin & IT it is important that we are able to create complex spreadsheets that are accurate and up to date.

When creating spreadsheets it is essential that we use the correct cell references in order to complete our simple and complex formulae.

In our spreadsheets we frequently make use of monetary values; it is important that we calculate and format these numbers accurately.

When working with spreadsheets we often create charts; these are used for the analysis of data. We are also required to understand and interpret research data from tables, charts and graphs.

When working with an electronic diary and an itinerary we make use of time; this ensures that all events are scheduled correctly. We then extract information from graphical formats to use in a variety of different media.

When working with databases we use calculated fields to conduct any calculations; these fields generally make use of formulae.


Homework Sheets:

  • S1 CfE ICT:

S1 Spreadsheet – Homework

  • National 5 Admin & IT

N5 Administration and IT Ex