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ICT Faculty

  • Apr 30 / 2014
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ICT Faculty

ICT-Computing Computing Science ICT-BusinessBusiness Education


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Welcome to the ICT Faculty!

We offer young people the opportunity to develop their skills in Computing Science, Admin & IT and Digital Literacy. Whilst also enabling them to gain an understanding of how the world of Business operates.

We are located on the 2nd floor of the school.

ICT Faculty Aims and Objectives

  • Continue to create a welcoming and safe environment for all learners;
  • Continue to deliver high quality lessons to all learners;
  • Take the needs of individual learners/ability levels when creating and delivering lessons;
  • Engage all learners with stimulating and engaging methodologies;
  • Engage with learners through feedback to guide learners on how they could improve;
  • Seek the views of learners through Pupil Voice; and
  • Develop meaningful partnership with Parents/Carers.

We deliver the following courses:

  • Admin & IT
    • S3 BGE, National 4, National 5 & National 6
  • Business & IT
    • Level 5 & Level 6
  • Business Management
    • S3 BGE, National 4, National 5 & National 6
  • CfE ICT (followed by all young people in S1 and S2)
  • Computing Science
    • S3 BGE, National 4, National 5 & National 6
  • PC Passport
    • Level 5

Please visit individual subject pages (adjacent) for more information on each of the above courses.

ICT Faculty Staff

  • Ms. A. McGowan (Faculty Head ICT)
    • Teachers of Business Education
      Mrs. K. Cochrane
      Mr. R. Herbertson
      Miss. C. Johnston
      Ms. D. McNeil
      Mrs. L. Smith
    • Teachers of Computing Science
      Mr. R. Herbertson
      Mrs. E. Munro
      Ms. S. Stewart (PT Guidance – Skye)
      Mr. S. Wilson (Depute Head Teacher)

ICT Faculty Information

Faculty Head ICT runs a weekly support class for all S3-6 learners following either Computing Science, Business Management or Admin & IT.

  • The support class is on every Tuesday for 1 hour after school.

Mr Herbertson offers an additional support class for Computing Science learners on a Wednesday for 1 hour after school.

Please see S2 Options Information (attached).

S3 Course Choice Information