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Head Teacher’s Blog – Police links

  • Jan 14 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Police links



At assemblies this week the Depute Head Teachers and I have been informing pupils of the following information about the school’s links with local police.


At a recent secondary Head Teachers’ meeting a local Police Inspector addressed the meeting exploring how schools and the Police can work together.  All Renfrewshire schools have a link officer whom the Depute Head Teachers and I contact when required.  We have a very good working relationship and we regularly share information.  Recently we have had discussions about such matters as pupils involved in antisocial behaviour outside of school and concern regarding pupil movement on the roads around the school at break times.  The Police try to drop in to school during the school day when possible.  There are also plans for the Police to bring a sniffer dog in to school some time in the future.

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