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Numeracy in Music

  • Apr 21 / 2015
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Numeracy in Music

dotted note lasts 50% longer than it normally would.

Related Numeracy Outcomes

  • Fractions

  • Time

  • Measurement

Pupils will learn that notes in Music are measured as fractions of a bar. In a standard bar using a 4/4 Time Signature, you can fit 4 crotchets or 8 quaver notes.

The actual time a note lasts for depends on the Tempo (speed) which is measured in beats per minute (bpm). Pupils often use a Metronome to help them play in time – they can be found on all the school keyboards, on software in the Recording Studio and on most Guitar Tuners (pictured).

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Information Sheet – Open and read!

Examples of Numeracy within Music

S1 Quiz Sheet – Music



Homework Sheets:

Music Homework 1

S1 Rythmn HW2

S2 Rythmn HW