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Numeracy in Art and Design

  • Apr 21 / 2015
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Numeracy in Art and Design

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Related Numeracy Outcomes

  • Estimation & Rounding

  • Measurement

  • Ratio & Proportion

In a drawing it is important that all objects are in correct proportion to each other to make it look believable. This is usually estimated by eye.

Making careful measurements when drawing objects with ellipses helps you to get it right first time.

In portraiture, correct proportion and arrangement is important if you want to get a true likeness.

If scaling up from a small image to a bigger one we often use a grid method to scale it up one square at a time.

When drawing in perspective things appear smaller as they get further away. This is usually judged by eye but working with angles leading to a vanishing point can help.

When mixing a particular shade it is important to use the same proportions of colour each time to get consistent results.

Information Sheet – Open and read!

Art and design Numeracy

S1 Quiz Sheet – Art & Design

The influence of symmetry across Art and Design can be spotted in many of the great paintings of our time.  Watch this short video and see what we mean!