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European Day of Languages

  • Oct 10 / 2017
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European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages 2017

Park Mains High School celebrated European Day of Languages 2017 on Tuesday 26th September! All S1 pupils were invited to come along and enjoy tasty treats from many European countries including France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Pupils enjoyed trying out new delicacies such as Italian prosciutto, French camembert and German Lebkuchen.

This was a cross-sector event with invaluable input from Music, Art and Home Economics departments. Senior pupils studying Higher music volunteered to play European classical guitar to give the department a continental vibe. Pupils from S1-S3 Art classes created colourful decorations for the department including French macarons and German pretzels. Finally, the Home Economics department opened their kitchens for us to cook our Italian pizzas. It was a brilliant success!

As part of European Day of Languages, pupils were encouraged to think about the languages behind the cuisine before them! Vocabulary activities including quizzes and games in French, German, Italian and Spanish were enjoyed by all.

Well done to all the staff in Modern Languages for organising the event.