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Numeracy in English

  • Apr 21 / 2015
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Numeracy in English

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Related Numeracy Outcomes

  • Ideas of chance and uncertainty

  • Data and analysis


In the new National qualifications many of the Numeracy related questions are given in context and are expected to be answered in the same way. In English we can emphasise the use of “connectives” and help to build language skills around these contextual problems.

  • Level 1: The Mean is 28
  • Level 2: On average the Mean number of matches in the box is 28. (Connectors: Average – Mean).
  • Level 3: On average the Mean number of matches in the box is 28 which means that the manufactures claim of an average of 30 matches per box is false.

The developing levels of language link the interpretation of the context of the question with the Numerical processes in producing the answer.


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