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“Every child and young person is entitled to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work, with a continuous focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.”

Building the Curriculum 3: A framework for learning and teaching, p15

The Curriculum for Excellence aims to ensure Scotland’s youth develop attributes, knowledge and skills required to thrive in life, learning and work. The knowledge, skills and attributes will develop young people into: Successful Learners; Confident Individuals; Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

The skills for life and work are embedded across all curriculum areas with a focus on literacy and numeracy; all young people require these skills to gain access to learning and to succeed in life.

The challenging and competitive nature of the current job market means it is no longer possible to rely solely on qualifications. Colleges, universities and employers now covet a skilled and adaptable workforce. Curriculum for Excellence equips Scotland’s youth with the skills necessary to be successful in an uncertain future.

Skills for Learning, Life and Work

Enterprise in education is an excellent strategy to develop the enterprise and employability skills of our young people. It lies at the centre of the curriculum for excellence and promotes a wide range of opportunities for our young learners. The four main areas of enterprise in education are:

  • Enterprising learning and teaching ;
  • Entrepreneurial learning ;
  • Work based vocational learning; and
  • Careers education.

Five inter-related themes are built around the main areas:

  • Supporting the development of skills for life, skills for work;
  • Engaging employers ;
  • Embedding enterprise in the curriculum;
  • Building capacity; and
  • Enhancing our international profile.

The four main areas of enterprise in education are:

  • Enterprising learning and teaching ;
  • Entrepreneurial learning ;
  • Work based vocational learning; and
  • Careers education.

Five inter-related themes are built around the main areas:

  • Supporting the development of skills for life, skills for work;
  • Engaging employers ;
  • Embedding enterprise in the curriculum;
  • Building capacity; and
  • Enhancing our international profile.

Enterprising activities will be organised to reflect the age and interests of our pupils. The range of activities could include:

  • Links and partnerships with businesses, colleges , schools abroad;
  • Fundraising events organised and run by pupils;
  • Eco- Committee
  • Joint school and community initiatives
  • Work experience placements and speakers
  • Links with the voluntary Sector


SAE Institute Glasgow – 2017 Open Days

S2 I Can Do Anything Conference – March 2017

The focus of this one day event is to highlight the many varied and interesting careers, training and education opportunities in all areas of the job market open to all pupils. Representatives from various areas of education and industry will speak to small groups of pupils and discuss their career role and how they got into their current career. This event is a vital part of the careers programme followed by all second year pupils prior to choosing their subjects for third year.

S2 Careers Evening –  March 2017

Taking place the same night as the S2 Parent Information night.

The evening will give pupils and parents the opportunity to speak with employers from various industries and learn about their job roles, opportunities in their industry, their personal career path and what skills are necessary to fulfil the role.

University of the West of Scotland

Tuesday 11th October 2016 – see leaflet for full details


At Park Mains it is recognised that developing student’s skills at an important stage in their learning is vital to their future. The events that take place in the school help to develop a range of employability and life skills in our pupils.

BNP Paribas Investment Challenge

BNP Paribas have invited Park Mains to take part in their online inter-school competition.

S5 and S6 pupils will compete in teams using the Finance Lab simulation. The Finance Lab simulation brings the strategic thinking and pressured decisions of financial markets trading into the classroom to create an authentic collaborative learning experience. Pupils will compete in teams with the aim to increase the value of their fund by trading in company shares and commodities.

This fast-moving and exciting business game develops many of the skills necessary for working life, including:

  • Team-working
  • Problem solving
  • Decision Making
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Negotiation

S4 French Trip

S4 pupils visited a French restaurant and enjoyed an authentic French dining experience. On arrival at the restaurant, pupils were greeted in French and listened to a presentation in French during the excursion. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was a great opportunity for the pupils to develop their French language skills by listening and communicating in French.

Where to Search for Jobs?

There are a number of ways to look for jobs, including: online, newspapers, recruitment agencies and job centres.

Businesses are increasingly using the internet to advertise vacancies and often the application process is done online. Below are some useful websites to search for jobs and get access to careers advice:





CV Template

A CV is a marketing document in which you are marketing yourself!

You need to “sell” your skills, qualifications and experience. With most job applications you are required to submit a CV, with some employers only asking for a CV. You must include all the relevant information that will get you the job!

Your CV should be no longer than two sides of A4 paper, you do not have to write in full sentences, although make sure it makes sense – where appropriate use bullet points.

With an ever increasing job market it is vital that you tailor your CV for each role that you apply for. Research the company you are applying for and use the job advert to identify what skills you need to emphasise in your CV.

CV Sections

Personal Details

You need to include your name, your address, your contact number and email address. You do not need to include your date of birth, nationality or marital status in your CV. If the job you are applying for requires a driving licence then mention if you have a valid licence.

Top Tip: Make sure the email address you provide is professional and that your contact details are up-to-date.

Personal Statement

This section is a mini-advert for you! You should use this section as an opportunity to sell yourself to employers. Let them know what you have recently done (work experience, exam results), let employers know what your career aspiration is and what skills and qualities you possess.

Top Tip: It is important to read the job specification and ensure you convey how your skills and experience match the job. Keep it simple and specific whilst also grabbing the reader’s attention!

Employment History/Work Experience

Highlight all your previous work experience. If you have not had a job before think about volunteer work you may have done (babysitting, organised an event, played in a band). Start with your most recent employer and include:

  • The name of the employer
  • Your job title
  • The dates you worked for them
  • Your main duties and responsibilities in the job
Top Tip: Highlight the skills you developed from each job and how you applied them.


Give the details of the qualifications you have achieved, starting with your most recent. The information required includes:

  • The name of the school/college you attended
  • The grades you obtained
  • The qualification you achieved (National 5, Higher, HND)
  • The dates you achieved your qualifications
Top Tip: Consider using bullet points in this section to save space.

Key Skills

Use this section to convince employers that you are the ideal candidate. It is vital that you highlight your key skills and state how you have applied them. Ensure your skills match the job specification!

Top Tips: Use bullet points in this section to make it easier for employers to read. Try to include examples of how you have displayed yours skills.

Interests and Achievements

Highlight your interests and any personal achievements in this section. A great opportunity for you to let your personality shine!

Try not to include only passive, solitary interests (reading, watching TV), employers may perceive you as someone who lacks people skills. Avoid using boring clichés, such as socialising with friends. Any interests that are less common can help you stand out from the crowd!

Top Tip: If you have any interests that are relevant to the job then it is a good idea to mention them.


For most job applications you will be asked to provide two references, usually your most recent employers. If you have not had a job before you should ask your guidance teacher as they know you personally and a teacher that you are familiar with and know well.

Top Tip: Normally your references are not checked at the application stage so to free up space you can omit your references and just write “References available on request”.

A cover letter is vital to your CV! Submitting your CV without a cover letter will leave employers guessing why you are applying for the job . It gives you the chance to provide an employer with the information required to show that you’re the right person for the job.

  • It should be no more than one side of A4. If longer, it becomes an essay!
  • State the job you are applying for and where you found the vacancy.
  • Say why you are interested in the job and why you would like to work for the organisation.
  • Make it personal to the employer. Try to address the person who is in charge of recruiting (don’t be afraid to phone/email the company to find out this information).
  • Research the organisation you are applying to. It will allow you to personalise your CV for a particular position.
  • Relate your skills to the job! Show the employer that you have obtained the skills that are relevant for the job.
  • Keep it clear, concise and to the point!
  • Check your spelling and grammar very carefully! Have someone proof read it.

Cover Letter Content

Introduce yourself and explain the job you are applying for and where you saw it advertised.

Convince the employer to interview you – explain why you are interested in the role, show some knowledge of the organisation (do your research!), highlight any relevant experience, knowledge or skills. Emphasise what you have to offer to them!

Conclude your letter – close it positively by explaining why you are the right candidate for the job and how you will be an asset to the organisation. Thank the employer and that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

If you start the letter with a name end it with “Yours sincerely”. If you start with “Dear Sir or Madam” end it with “Yours faithfully”.

7 of the worst cover letter mistakes               1024px-Red_x_svg

  1. Failing to address the letter to a named individual at the company
  2. Repeating what is written in your CV
  3. Forgetting to proofread your letter and sending it full of mistakes
  4. Making it longer than 1 page
  5. Sharing unnecessary personal details and giving rambling explanations
  6. Concentrating too much on your qualifications rather than your skills and experience
  7. Failing to target your letter to the specific job you’re applying for


Your application has been successful and you’ve been invited to an interview – that’s great news! The employer already thinks you might be the right person for the job.

The interview will allow them to get to know you better, but it also gives you the opportunity to ensure the job is right for you!

Before the Interview:

  • Research – Research the company website, person specification and job description carefully! Demonstrating knowledge of the employer and job shows interest and motivation.
  • Prepare – You will have identified your skills and experience in your application form or CV. At an interview you may be asked to expand upon some of them so remember to revisit your application and remind yourself of what you have written. Also, try to think about further details you can discuss.
  • Anticipate questions you will be asked – You can prepare by considering current sector developments and the job role. Using good personal examples from work, study, hobbies can strengthen your performance.
  • Prepare your own questions – This is your last chance to give a positive impression. Ask questions that show you have a genuine interest in the job and organisation e.g. a question regarding staff training and development, a typical working day. Don’t ask a question just for the sake of it and steer clear of questions about salary!
  • Practice – Practice answering interview questions with a friend. It can be useful to hear yourself talking through an answer (is your answer too long/short or unstructured).

During the interview:

  • Be yourself
  • Be confident
  • Listen carefully
  • Speak clearly
  • Be positive
  • Be aware of your body language
  • Maintain appropriate eye contact

Things to avoid on the day of your interview:

Further advice on interviews can be found at the following link:


You can access the latest Modern Apprenticeship Vacancies in Renfrewshire by clicking here


Department Community Resources – Amenity Services

Job Title Craft Modern Apprentice – Horticulture

Salary Scale GRD – percentage of grade with six monthly increments)

Location Underwood Road Depot, 52 Underwood Road, Paisley

Successful applicants will be based at our Underwood Road Depot and will work across all Renfrewshire Councils horticulture locations including Barshaw and Robertson Park, playing fields, landscaped areas and similar open spaces

You will attend college and work towards achievement of the Scottish Vocational Qualification in Amenity Horticulture.

Applicants must be a resident of the Renfrewshire area who and aged between 16 and 19 years.

It is essential that you possess a minimum of 3 National or Standard grades at grade 4 passes or above (or equivalent). These must be include English, Maths, and a technical subject e.g. Craft and Design, Technical Studies, Graphic Communications, Practical Skills or Science subject i.e. Biology.

It is essential that you can work both as part of a team and on your own, can show initiative and have effective interpersonal and communication skills.

It is desirable for you to have experience of working in similar environment and have knowledge of the appropriate trade tools, Renfrewshire Council functions and can use a range of IT packages.

Applicants who meet the essential criteria will be required to pass a series of aptitude entry tests prior to commencement of the post. If you are short leeted, as part of the selection process you will be required to attend an interview.

Successful applicants will secure a 3 year fixed term contract for the duration of the apprenticeship with positive opportunities for permanent employment with Renfrewshire Council.

If this is you then please apply for our successful Craft Modern Apprenticeship Programme. These posts will commence in August 2017.

Renfrewshire Council offer competitive salaries which are based on a percentage of the time served groundpersons salary with six monthly increments throughout the apprenticeship.

If successful, you will be required to undertake a Disclosure Scotland check, the level of check will be determined by the duties of the post. If you would like further information in relation to Disclosure Scotland checks, please visit www.disclosurescotland.co.uk.

If you meet the recruitment criteria and are confident you have a commitment to attend college and gain the relevant Level 3 qualification within your trade, apply now at https://renfrewshire.myjobscotland.gov.uk


Healthcare Support Framework (Non Clinical) – Modern Apprentice Orthotics Technical Assistant

Modern Apprenticeship Vacancy is now open for application for candidates with 3 or more National 4 Qualifications, one of which must be in Maths or a Technical Subject. This post will close at 12 Noon on Friday 9th June and I would appreciate if you could circulate as widely as possible across your networks.
Please click this link for more details  http://www.nhsggc.org.uk/257382 and to apply.

Modern Apprenticeship: Trainee Engineer
Job overview
Are you great at building and fixing things and do you have a passion for delivering great
customer service?If your answer is yes then a career as an Openreach engineer is waiting for you.
We’re looking for talented people to help us lead the way in building our national infrastructure and keeping the nation connected.
Our team of engineers are out and about every day building, monitoring, maintaining and repairing our network, so it really is a varied role.
What might a typical day in this job look like?
There’s actually no such thing as a typical Openreach engineer. We’re made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and we’re looking for people with a wide
range of experiences to join us. We’re ready to provide you with a world class training experience. You’ve got to be customer focused and willing to get stuck in and fix customer faults.It’s not just a job we’re offering you, it’s a career with a tailored training programme as well as incredible hands-on experiences.
What will I learn?
Don’t be put off from applying because you haven’t done something similar before, you’ll get loads of support and after the first year you will have achieved a qualification for IT, Software and Telecoms professionals that is made up of an NVQ, BTEC and functional skills.
What qualification or qualities are required?
Although we don’t require any specific qualifications, we do need candidates to have a good level of academic Maths and English skills.
You will also need a full manual driving licence with no more than 6 points, have a clear head for heights and be comfortable working in the great outdoors.
Click ‘Apply now’ to be re-directed to an external site, where you’ll be able to submit your application for this apprenticeship opportunity.

Apply Now

Employer name: Openreach
Positions available: 50
Reference code:108785
Training provider name: Openreach
Location: Glasgow
Salary: £20,000.00 per year
Job type: Full-Time
Job category: Engineering
Modern apprenticeship level: Level2
Closing date: 30/06/2017




HMRC in East Kilbride are currently recruiting for 30 Operational Delivery Apprenticeships .

The closing date has been extended to 15.05.17.

Applicants must be registered with Civil Service jobs to apply.


If you would like to talk to us about our apprenticeship vacancies, or require support to complete an application, please contact Karen Came, Learning and Development Advisor, on 0141 814 4583.

Erskine Bishopton – Modern Apprentice – Care Assistant – April 2017


Arnold Clark Apprenticeships are now live on www.apprenticeship.scot

These include:

12 x light vehicle technician apprentices

1 x spray painting apprentice

1 x body repair apprentice

2 x parts apprentices

The closing date is the 30th April.

GTG will test for levels of maths and English. Revision is available on the BBC bite size website; the tests that you will receive as part of the recruitment process will be similar.

Princes Trust Get Into Cars (GTG / Arnold Clark).

Get Into Cars Press Advert PDF
If you have anyone that may be interested in this programme, please read the information to them or  call a member of our GTG recruitment Team on 0141 435 4490 for initial screening.

NHS Modern Apprenticeships

Please see posters (links below) for details on information sessions coming up soon.

NHS Poster 1 (1)


Aldi Apprenticeship

Remember to do some research on the company as you could be asked what you know about them!
Recruitment Process

Step 1: Online Application Practical questions such as ‘What’s your preferred location?’ will be followed by a more interactive test that will assess your judgement, commercial decision-making and problem-solving skills – Competency based

Step 2: Video Application Lights, camera, action. This is your golden opportunity to showcase your knowledge of Aldi and brilliant leadership skills.

Step 3: Phone Interview If Step Two goes well, we’ll interview you over the phone to explore your experience, and reasons for wanting to work at Aldi.

Step 4: Individual Interview at the Regional Distribution Centre with an Operations Director There you’ll take part in the ‘Aldi Experience’
where you’ll demonstrate how you would perform in store



BT Modern Apprenticeship


Early Years Support Workers

Fully Funded Modern Apprenticeship

Would you like to gain a Nationally Recognised, Professional Qualification while earning money that will lead to a rewarding career in childcare?

Childcare Management Company has several vacancies across Glasgow and surrounding areas for Early Years Support Workers under the Modern Apprenticeship Programme which is fully funded for 16-24 year olds. You will earn a minimum rate of £3.40 (increasing to £3.50 in April) during your first year of training as you work your way through your qualification with the support of an excellent team of qualified staff and in many cases other Modern Apprentices.

You will preferably have 3 standard grades at level 1-3, including English, or equivalent intermediate grades in care. You will work in a private nursery, caring for and educating the children through play. You will undertake a level 3 SVQ in Social Services (Children and Young People). The course can take approximately 12-18 months to complete, and once achieved you will be fully qualified as a Nursery Practitioner (Early Years Educator).

Duties will include all aspects of childcare.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Working within a nursery setting assisting qualified staff in caring for children aged between 0-5 to meet the children’s needs
  • Assisting with lunch time activities
  • Liaising with staff team as well as parents, carers and other professionals to ensure you are meeting the needs of the individual child
  • Planning and delivering fun and stimulating activities
  • Help the children to learn, grow and develop
  • Maintaining the cleanliness/tidiness of the nursery
  • Working towards your professional qualification in SVQ level 3 Social Services, Children and Young People.

Current Vacancies

Please see below a list of current vacancies along with the hours available,

Glasgow, G33 (32 hour & 16 hour)

Glasgow, G46 (4 x 40 hour)

Glasgow, G21 (2 x 40 hour)

Erskine, PA7 5PU (2 x 40 hour)

Johnstone, PA9 (1 x 40 hour)

Paisley, PA1 (1 x 40 hour)

Anniesland. G13 (1 x 40 hour)

Greenock, PA15 (1 x 35hour)


If you are interested in applying for one of these positions please send your CV along with a brief covering letter and stating which position you are interested in to lyndsey@childcaremanagementcompany.co.uk or call Lyndsey on 01475 744612 for more information.  Alternatively, you can apply online at www.childcaremanagementcompany.co.uk.

Childcare Management Company is an equal opportunities training provider and welcomes applications from people from under-represented groups/communities and those who consider themselves disabled or requiring additional support for learning.

GTG Apprenticeship Programme

The GTG Apprenticeship Programmes allow you to gain skills and qualifications in various roles, from motor vehicle technicians to business administrators, there is a large number of careers paths to choose from.

Click on the following link for further information and to download an application: https://www.gtg.co.uk/apprenticeship-programmes/





NHS Modern Apprentice – Medical Laboratory Assistant

Information Session Event – Registration Essential

16th November Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

We would like to invite candidates who meet the selection criteria of 2 Highers (or equivalent) in Chemistry AND Biology or an NC in a Science Subject (SQF Level 6) to attend an information session about the Modern Apprenticeship Medical Laboratory Assistant role.

We anticipate that these vacancies will open for application no later than week commencing 14th November 2016 Attendance is not mandatory for applicants and is not part of the selection process however places are limited and must be booked in advance.

We will confirm slots allocated no later than 12 Noon on Friday 11th November.

This will be an evening event and a parent or carer is welcome to accompany you. Please email modern.apprentice@ggc.scot.nhs.uk to request a place and advise when requesting if you require one or two places and confirm the level and details of the qualification(s) that you hold.

West College Scotland

Please access the links below for information on the Foundation Apprenticeships starting in August.

Please note that these are open to new S5 pupils as they are two year courses.

Foundation Apprenticeship – Social Services & Healthcare

Foundation Apprenticeship – Social Services, Children & Young People

Foundation Apprenticeships – Civil Engineering

Audi Apprenticeships – Hillington & Braehead

  • Apprentice Service Technician
  • Apprentice Parts Advisor
  • Apprentice Service Advisor
  • Apprentice Paint Technician

For further information and to apply visit https://www.audi-ap.co.uk/



Doosan Babcock

We are interested in recruiting apprentices with ambition and a professional attitude towards their work, the company and training and development, who will demonstrate initiative, communicate effectively and will embrace a teamwork ethos. There will be a requirement for some travel across the UK.

Information can be found through their Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/doosanbabcock/ – Facebook

Careers in Digital Technologies

To find out more about careers in digital technologies, please visit: http://www.digitalworld.net/

McLaughlin & Harvey – Trainee Scheme

The McLaughlin and Harvey trainee scheme will give you the opportunity to train as a civil engineer, quantity surveyor or construction manager. This fully funded five-year school leaver scheme will enable you to gain a professional qualification and fantastic practical job experience, whilst earning a competitive salary.

To join the scheme you must be over 16 years of age and have achieved;

If interested in Civil Engineering

SQA Higher: ABBB including Maths, Physics, Technological studies or Engineering Science at B

If interested in Quantity Surveying

SQA Higher: ABBC plus English and Maths at National 5

If interested in Construction Management

SQA Higher: ABBC plus English and Maths at National 5

You will spend one day at university studying towards your degree and four days working, putting into practice what you’ve learned.

To apply email your CV and Cover Letter to lauri.barker@mclhc.co.uk

If you intend to apply for the full time course at university you can also apply for this trainee scheme as you do not need to apply for it through UCAS. It would be worthwhile mentioning that you have applied for the full time course at university as it shows commitment.

Grant Thornton School Leaver Programme

Applying for a school leaver programme can be a daunting decision. If you’re business-minded and driven, why wouldn’t you want to kick-start your career as soon as possible? School leavers on the Accelerate programme are often some of the highest achieving trainees and this is reflected in the programme growing significantly over recent years.

In place of a degree you’ll train to become a respected business adviser, get AAT, ATT or ACCA qualified. You’ll get top quality training, plus plenty of support, variety and responsibility at every stage. If you work hard and pass all the exams you’ll qualify in the first four years. After that there may be opportunities to move to other areas of Grant Thornton – in the UK and abroad.

To apply, you’ll need a real interest in business, be an independent thinker who loves a challenge. You don’t need to be a recent school leaver, anyone without a degree and who has a passion for business can apply.

If you’d like further information get in touch and you can be connected with an existing school leaver or a member of the recruitment team. Get in touch by emailing traineerecruitment@uk.gt.com.


Remit Training

Remit Training delivers structured Apprenticeship programmes in the Motor industry across the UK.

Automotive Apprenticeships

  • Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
  • Vehicle Parts Operator
  • Customer Service
  • Vehicle Paintwork Repair
  • Body Repair & Alignment


RBS Apprenticeship Opportunities

  • Location: Multiple locations in Scotland
  • Apprenticeship Qualification: Professional Banker Certificate (Chartered Bankers Institute) at Level 2 or 3
  • Qualification Requirements: 2 National 5’s at Grade C or above in English and Maths
  • Salary: £13,169- £16,625

The RBS Apprenticeship scheme allows you to earn while you learn whilst gaining a professional qualification at the end of the programme. Each role will be based in a variety of areas across the business.

Roles available in Relationship Management, Customer Service, Business Administration and Technology.


BT Customer Service & Call Centre Management Modern Apprenticeship

This is a contact centre based role where teamwork and comradeship are highly valued attributes. The role demands hard work and carries plenty of responsibility. It is at the heart of BT’s customer service and requires a focus on upholding the company’s brand and making sure customers are happy and satisfied.

What you’ll be doing

You will be dealing with existing and prospective customers across the UK, reviewing their needs identifying the best solution for them. You’ll deliver an excellent customer experience so our customers won’t want to go anywhere else for their service.

You’ll be part of a winning team in a vibrant atmosphere and you’ll be keen to find out all about how the business works. During the apprenticeship you’ll receive great training and pick up a wealth of knowledge.

What you’ll be good at

This role would suit an individual with an outgoing personality, who is happy to talk to customers on a regular basis and prepared to go that extra step to help resolve customer issues. You will also show:

  • Strong commitment – your natural enthusiasm and positivity will shine through when you’re speaking to customers.
  • Think for yourself – sometimes you’ll have to try something new to fix a particularly tough problem.
  • Keep calm under pressure – you’ll take every conversation is your stride, showing empathy, listening and being clear what happens next.
  • Problem solving skills – issues can be sometimes complicated, so being thorough and thinking for yourself is key to doing a good job.

It would be a good option for somebody who can be flexible in their approach because every day brings changes and new challenges. In addition, this is a role that can offer a wide range of opportunities to progress quickly for ambitious apprentices.


BT IT Modern Apprenticeship

Software roles involve working to design, develop, implement, test and support software applications that help BT to run its networks and systems. This could include anything from working on web applications, apps for smart phones and tablets or on BT’s internal systems. There is also a broad array of network roles. This could include opportunities to test BT global networks or working on the planning, installing an commissioning of network elements.

The cyber security team are operationally responsible for BT Networks and must ensure BT is protected from network threats, attacks and vulnerabilities. Cyber security apprentices contribute to the development and improvement of security processes and procedures. You will need to understand the requirements of BT’s security strategy and be able to develop vulnerability detection in line with emerging threats and ensure competent and consistent test execution.

All roles in IT are best suited to those with problem solving abilities and an aptitude for understanding the needs of customers.




Specialist Science Apprenticeship
Starting salary £11,231 pa
The Specialist Science Apprenticeship has been created to inspire and attract technical minded individuals into materials science, particularly metallurgy and chemistry. Over the course of three years, you will have the opportunity to earn while you learn – furthering your education alongside on the job training with leading scientists and engineers in a world renowned company, trusted to deliver excellence.
The programme
The Specialist Science Apprenticeship will expose you to different parts of our business. You will be based in our Inchinnan facility near Glasgow and spend time in both our new manufacture and repair & overhaul businesses. In your first year you will build your practical and base engineering skills alongside a HNC in Mechanical Engineering. Through partaking in workshop activities such as welding, maintenance and assembly, you will achieve a qualification in Performing Engineering Activities. Following this, you will go on to be trained by industry-leading scientists on site, and learn what it takes to become one of them. You will also have the opportunity to explore various laboratory roles across the company with placements available around the UK. To further your education and technical knowledge, you can enrol in the BEng(Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree from Napier University. You will go to university one day a week and spend the rest of your time developing first-class skills and experience at Rolls-Royce, either in the laboratory or on specialist training courses. It is a lot of hard work, but at the end of it, you will be a Rolls-Royce Technologist and working towards Chartered Engineer.
What you’ll do
Dividing your time between offices and state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratories, you will learn to blend theoretical knowledge with practical skill. You might be helping to develop new chemical processes, inspecting parts using x-rays, or enhancing your forensic analytical skills. You could also be involved in areas as varied as metallurgy, failure investigation, coatings, research and development and mathematical modelling. The routes open to you are rich and varied. And this is just the beginning.
What you’ll get
  • A competitive salary starting from £11,231 a year.
  • A competitive pension, and 33 days’ holiday per year (inclusive of Bank Holidays).
  • Career support from day one
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • HNC in Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng(Hons) Degree
What you will need

As well as being passionate about all things scientific, you will need to be articulate, numerate and a great team player. You will learn fast and have the discipline to balance studying for a qualification with the demands of your job. Beyond that, you will bring us at least two A-Levels or Highers at grade C or above in Maths, Physics, Engineering or Chemistry, and any other technical subject. You will also have good passes in the same subjects at Standard Grade and GCSE level. And you will have plenty of achievements to talk about outside academia too


Rolls-Royce is known the world over for creating high-performance, integrated power solutions for use on land, at sea and in the air. In pursuit of better power for a changing world, we apply our knowledge and technology to developing the best solutions for our customers and the environment.

Everyone who works for us receives a comprehensive rewards package that reflects our status as a leading global employer. Our aim is to create an environment in which business objectives and job requirements are clear and in which employees are fairly rewarded for their personal contribution and the overall success of the company.

We have become one of the world’s leading engineering businesses through a consistent strategy for growth. Our order book currently stands at over £60 billion and we expect it to double in size over the next decade. Join us and work for a company known the world over for excellence and innovation.

We are an equal opportunities employer.

This role is subject to full UK security clearance.

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Careers Evening Invitation 2017 PDF

Founded in 1978, Clark Contracts Ltd is a privately owned construction, refurbishment and maintenance main contractor working across all sectors. Delivering contracts up to £10m in value across 5 divisions; Construction, Fit Out, Small Works, Maintenance and Bespoke Joinery Workshop, Clark Contracts employs over 260 staff with offices in the East and West of Scotland. The proportion of business derived from repeat customers each year has averaged 76% over the past ten years and 72% of customers class the main contractor as ‘Impressive’ or ‘First Class’.

We are looking to recruit a Trainee Quantity Surveyor to join the business.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Assisting a team of surveyors within the Company.
  • Work closely with Contracts Management and Estimating departments.
  • Take active role in Clark Contracts Supply Chain Management Initiative to ensure relationships are developed with subcontractors.
  • Additional duties as required.


  • Strong academic background, with a focus on mathematics.
  • Nat 5 / Higher Level of maths and also similar within English
  • Comfortable in ability to solve problems by acting on own initiative.
  • IT literate with a good knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

This is an entry level role, for a recent school leaver and Clark Contracts will fund your university fees throughout your course.

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity email a CV and covering letter stating why you would be a suitable candidate for the role to:



Choices Evening

If you are smart, ambitious and curious, our EY Schools Choices Evening in Glasgow 8th November 2016 will give you the opportunity to find out how you could make an impact in the world of business.

We are a global professional services firm offering apprenticeship opportunities to hundreds of young professionals across the UK.  We offer solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors over a wide range of problems and help them comply with legislation.  EY offers a solid career foundation complete with the Chartered Accountancy qualification and rounded professional training.

You’ll be amazed what you can learn in such a short space of time. The EY Choices open evenings show school leavers what life’s like at a leading global business like ours, so you can decide whether EY is the right place for you to start your career. We’ll help you to understand how you can make better decisions about your future career, explain the different options available at EY and you’ll get to meet some of our current trainees and senior people. Wherever you go next, it’s a great way to begin your journey

Date: Tuesday 8th November 2016
Location: EY Glasgow Office, 5 George Square
Time: 16:45 for 17:00 start.  19:20 finish
Year Group: 5th and 6th years
Dress code: Comfortable (suits and smart office wear is not necessary)
Catering: soft drinks and nibbles

Register today.

If you have any questions about this event please contact Hannah McArdle – Student Recruitment Advisor by email HMcArdle@uk.ey.com or call +44 (0) 7392 106 593.

Can’t make it?  Don’t worry, apply to our EY Business Apprenticeship now and good luck!