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  • Mrs F. McLaughlin (PT Maths)
  • Mr. D. Brady
  • Mrs. L. Campbell
  • Mrs. M. Campbell
  • Mr. S. Cooper
  • Miss. S. Hamilton
  • Mrs. L. Hendry (PTPC)
  • Mrs. A. Mills
  • Mrs. C. McLaren
  • Mrs. M. McLaughlin
  • Mr. J. Townsend
  • Mr. C. Wake (PTPC)
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Department Aims and Objectives

The Mathematics department is fully committed to supporting and implementing the school aims in their entirety.

At all times the Mathematics Department will pursue excellence through high expectations and the provision of opportunities for all. This will include careful monitoring of progress, homework and attendance.

Mathematics courses at all stages should seek to:

  • Contribute to pupils’ personal development and overall education.


  • Enable pupils to develop to the full of their ability the mathematical skills and understanding required for their present needs, both in and out of school, and for the future demands of adult life, employment, further study and training.


  • Develop an appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics and an awareness of its importance in society and in the development of technology.

Pi Day 2018


On March the 14th pupils helped to mark the day with their own formation!