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Change of Timetable – Year Head Information

  • Jun 01 / 2020
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Change of Timetable – Year Head Information

Dear Parent/Carer

As you may be aware year group assemblies took place on Friday May 29th to allow DHTs with the responsibility for each year group to provide information to pupils about moving into their new year group.
As part of this process pupils were notified, where appropriate, of their new year head. Traditionally in Park Mains pupils change year head when they move from S1 into S2; S3 into S4 and S5 into S6.
Each year group’s Year Head for session 2020 -2021 is listed below:

New S1 Mrs Pauline Crean
New S2 Mrs Paula Kirkwood
New S3 Miss Maynes
New S4 Mr Gillen
New S5 Mr Gillen
New S6 Mr Wilson

Your son/daughter Pupil Support Teacher will remain unchanged:

Arran Mrs Hendry
Bute Mr Wake
Mull Miss Carr (Acting)
Skye Ms Stewart

I hope you find this information useful. Please contact Pupil Support or the appropriate Year Head should you have any concerns regarding your son/ daughter.
As we begin the last few weeks of this term please be assured we are working hard to plan for the reopening of the school building to pupils in August. We will be in touch as soon as possible with further details of how this will affect your son/daughter.

Yours faithfully

Michael Dewar

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