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  • May 10 / 2018
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Mission Discovery

Park Mains High School has been allocated 5 places for the programme which will take place at the UWS Paisley Campus for the full week Monday 4th to Friday 8th June. If any S3 pupils are interested in participating please speak to Mrs Nicholls by end of day Monday 14th May.

Mission Discovery 2018 Overview


  • Jan 17 / 2017
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Newsletter April 2017, Science

Science Club – Fire Writing

This week in science club we used ‘special ink’ then set fire to our drawings to make fun shapes. Some science clubbers took them home to use as cool photo frames!

  • Jan 17 / 2017
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Science Club – Flame Colours

With all the excitement of bonfire night we created a fireworks display in our own classroom! Using different metals we discovered how fireworks get their spectacular colours and how sparklers are made.

  • Jan 12 / 2017
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Science Club – Bath Bombs

This week in science club we created bath bombs! Mixing together citric acid, baking soda and oil, we left the bath bombs overnight to set. Heard great reports!

  • Jan 12 / 2017
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Science Club – Lava Lamps

This week in science club we made our own lava lamps! Filling bottles with oil, food colouring, water and a vitamin C tablet, we turned off the lights and watched our lava lamps glow.


  • Dec 19 / 2016
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Newsletter April 2017, School News, Science

S1 STEM Day 2016

S1 were recently involved in a STEM day to promote sustainability and the potential uses of renewable energy. Visitors from ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’ delivered an interactive session which involved pupils competing to build a solar powered car and using their scientific knowledge to judge voltage and distance. All pupils got involved and enjoyed the session…definitely some engineers of the future!