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  • Jun 06 / 2017
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School News

Athletics Championships S1 to S3

Athletics Championships

Congratulations to all those who participated in this year’s Athletics Championships. There were some outstanding individual performances and every pupil demonstrated a desire and will to win whilst displaying fantastic attitude and effort.

The individual champions were;

S1                                                           S2                                                 S3

Skye Turner (Kelvin)                           Lois Watson (Leven)                 Erin Johnston (Calder)

Euan Birch (Cart)                                 Steven Johnston (Cart)            Grant Jamieson (Kelvin)

The final overall house standings were;

1st          Kelvin

2nd        Cart

3rd         Leven

4th         Calder

  • May 30 / 2017
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School News

Cashless Catering Update – Biometric System

 Update on cashless cards: Our system is now available again. Payments from the last week will now be processed and accounts updated.

Thanks for your patience

  • May 30 / 2017
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School News

S1 to S3 Locker Returns – This Week


S1,S2 and S3 Pupils

S1,S2 and S3 Pupils are required to return their locker keys before the end of term.

Please read the following instructions.

·         S1 pupils should return their locker keys on Wednesday 31   May.
·         S2 pupils should return their locker keys on Thursday 1 June.
·         S3 pupils should return their locker keys on Friday 2 June.

Keys should be returned during the morning interval in the school library and refunds of deposits will be given where applicable. Pupils should report at the start of the interval.  

Pupils who have lost their key and have not yet informed Mrs Hards, should do so NOW!

It is important that you return your key at the allocated time.

  • May 24 / 2017
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School News

S1 Bake Off

The winner yesterday afternoon was Ria Midha and the runner up was Millie Ferguson.  Around 50 S1 pupils took part.  Challenge to design and bake their own cookies.

  • May 24 / 2017
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School News

Author Visit

Matt Oldfield, author of the Heroes football books visited the school on Wednesday 24 May to talk to groups of pupils in S1/S2. As well as discussing his books, he also worked with pupils on developing their creative writing skills. Matt’s books are available from the school library.

  • May 19 / 2017
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School News

S2 Bake Off Competition

The winner of the S2 Bake Off was Georgia Akhtar and runner up was Ellie Hobbis.  The competition held in Home Economics Department on Tuesday 16th May 2017.  Pupils had to make and decorate 6 cup cakes.  Many thanks and well done to everyone who participated.

Mr Dewar and Mrs Nicholls enjoyed being a judge for the Bake Off.


  • May 18 / 2017
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School News

Vacancies in Engineering

Leaving school is very exciting and scary at the same time. SDS is here to support you in that move on to a positive destination. There are lots of exciting opportunities available from modern apprentices to graduate apprentices where you gain a Degree qualification. Opportunities are posted on www.apprenticeships.scot. SDS fund modern and graduate apprentices and the apprenticescot website links from our website www.myworldofwork.co.uk  where you can find help and information on cv’s, interviews and interactive tools to help you plan your career.

Vacancies change constantly so keep checking. At present some are BT engineering and customer service, Scotrail customer service, Nursery nurses, hairdressers, car mechanics, digital marketing and many more!!

If you need help email me on Lesley.mackay@sds.co.uk  or 07887958792

You may get a call from me over the summer to check your progress or to offer support. School maybe on holiday but it is a busy time for SDS.

Thanks if you want any changes feel free.

Lesley A MacKay

Careers Adviser

Tel: 0141 8495775/0300 013 2060

Mob: 07887958792

  • May 16 / 2017
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School News

Pupils Selected as Internationalists in Sport

Park Mains High School is delighted to announce that the following pupils have been selected to represent their country in the sport that they specialise in. Everyone at the school would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on their achievement and wish you continued success in the future. Well done.

Rory Jackson – Rugby

Luisa Steele – Cycling

Craig Kennedy – Athletics

Connor Wilson – Judo

Rebecca Lamb – Judo

Daniel Peden – Judo

Joseph Peden – Judo

Rachel Towle – Judo

Erin Peden – Judo

Shona McCrea – Basketball

Laura Collins – Basketball

Euan Birch – Basketball

Ross Murray – Basketball

Robbie Stevenson – Basketball

Jack Thomson – Basketball

Heather Ritchie – Basketball

Ella Duff – Basketball


  • May 16 / 2017
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School News

S3 Modern Studies Trip – Scottish Parliament

S3 Modern Studies pupils enjoyed a visit to the Scottish Parliament today. They participated in an education session, attended First Minister’s Question Time and had their own Q & A session with three MSPs. A most enjoyable and worthwhile excursion !”


  • May 16 / 2017
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School News

Urgent Message – Cashless Catering System

Message from Community Resources – Cashless Catering System

Please be advised that our cashless school meal system is unlikely to be operational over the next few days due to upgrade works following the Ransomware attacks at health boards over the weekend.

The goal is to get the system back up and running asap however school meals will continue to be provided and the payments will be deducted from cards later in the week.

An update text will follow to advise of timescales for when the system will be operational.

Many thanks for your assistance.