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  • Sep 11 / 2015
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Head Teacher's Blog, School News

Head Teacher’ s Blog – Pupil achievements




This week there have been a lot of pupil achievements to celebrate.

Young Writers’ Competition

Eve Sutherland  (S2) has been awarded third prize in a competition organised by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies for her story “‘Heel Hell”.  Congratulations to Eve who has been invited to a presentation of awards event Glasgow University in October.


Junior Maths Challenge 2015

 Over 250 000 pupils from across the UK sat this year’s challenge.  A selection of S1 and S2 pupils represented Park Mains High School and we were thrilled to achieve the following results:

4 Gold Awards; 8 Silver Awards and 29 Bronze Awards.

A special mention  goes to Mark Oppo (wearing glasses in back row of photo) who finished ‘Best in school’ and qualified for the follow-on round by finishing in the top 6000 pupils in the UK!

Well done to all!



Senior Awards Ceremony – On Thursday 10th September we hosted this annual event.  More details and photos to follow next week!

  • Aug 31 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – SQA results




Overall we were very pleased with the SQA results attained by our S4, 5 and 6 pupils last session.  As is always the case some pupils did better than they expected while others were a little disappointed.  I am delighted to report that 8 S5 pupils attained 5 A passes at Higher.  These pupils are pictured below – Callum Collins, Eilidh Harkness Charlotte McCrone, Leah Medlock, Rachel Melvin, Alexis O’Reilly, Kim Crane and Kerry Fleming.




  • Jun 22 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Week beginning 15.6.15



40th anniversary variety shows

Last week saw the school put on a marvellous variety show on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Each night the audience was entertained by a range of fantastic performances from current and former pupils.  The acts were varied and of an extremely high standard.  There was a wide range of musical performances from individual singers and musicians as well as the orchestra, jazz band, brass band, choir and other groupings too.  Each night also included some excellent dance performances from displays of real talent to two S6 boys re-enacting the famous dance routine from ‘Dirty Dancing’ which brought the house down.   Some members of staff also performed in the choir, orchestra and brass band.  The event was a fitting end to our 40th anniversary year and was so successful due to the hard work put in by a huge number of staff and pupils.  It was a pleasure and privilege for me to deliver the vote of thanks at the end of the evening.


40th anniversary commemorative gifts

To mark our 40th year all pupils and staff were given a small commemorative gift.  Pupils were given a water bottle which I would encourage them to use in school next session and staff were given a mug.  Each of these gifts included the school crest and the dates of our 40 years.


Activities Week

Monday 22.6.15 marks the start of our school’s Activities Week with the majority of pupils taking part in activities.  There is a wide range of activities taking place this year from in-school activities, to days out and residential trips.  At a recent Pupil Council meeting pupils were asked for ideas for new activities which we might run in the future.  The pupils came up with some interesting ideas which I will share with staff at the start of the new session.  I am always keen to introduce new free/cheap activities which pupils would like so any suggestions would be most welcome.


End of term

School closes at 1pm on Friday 26th June and this day will be an ‘own clothes’ day.  Lunch will be at the usual Friday time of 12.25pm so pupils not taking a school lunch or getting a school bus home are free to leave then.

  • Jun 12 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Week beginning 8.6.15




Junior Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday of this week we held our annual Junior Awards Ceremony where we acknowledged some of the many achievements of our S1-3 pupils.  Over 190 awards were presented during the ceremony for a wide range of achievements.  Some pupils received academic awards while others received wider achievement awards recognising achievements in other areas such as sporting or musical success.  Presentations were also made to some pupils for achieving food hygiene certificates, John Muir Awards for forest learning and a number of trophies were awarded for mainly sporting successes.  During the afternoon staff, pupils, parents and guests were also entertained by some of our very talented musicians.


P7/S1 induction days

On Thursday and Friday of this week we welcomed the primary 7 pupils who will be our S1 pupils next session.  Around 230 pupils arrived on Thursday morning and following a brief assembly with Mr Gillen, who will be their Year Head next session, and me, they met their Guidance teacher  and then followed their timetables for the rest of the two days.  Senior pupils acted as guides to assist pupils in finding their way to classes and around the school in general.   On Thursday evening Mr Gillen and I held an information evening for P7 parents which was extremely well attended.  The P7 pupils seemed to really enjoy their days and our first impressions are that they are a really positive year group.

  • Jun 05 / 2015
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Head Teacher's Blog, School News

Head Teacher’s Blog – Week beginning 1.6.15



40th anniversary staff dinner

On Friday 29th May a dinner was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow as part of our 40th anniversary celebrations and around 90 present and previous staff attended .  The evening was organised by Mrs McKeown (Principal Teacher of Modern Languages) and Miss Clark (former Principal Teacher of English) and was a most enjoyable evening.  Two PMHS pipers (Andrew Hutton and Scott Young) piped staff in to the function suite and then guitarist David Small entertained staff during dinner.

In its forty years PMHS has had 3 substantive Head Teachers – Mr David Smart, Mr Robert Fawkes and Mr Michael Dewar.  Each made a speech to staff focussing on their time in the school.  After the meal I delivered a vote of thanks.


Parent Council

The Parent Council held its last meeting this session on Monday evening.  We are very fortunate in PMHS that we have a group of very supportive parents who regularly attend these meetings and also support school functions.   We are always keen to welcome new members so if any parent would be interested in joining the Parent Council they should call the school or send an e mail through this website.

Our Parent Council will be in attendance at the Variety Show which will take place on 17th and 18th June and will provide refreshments at the interval.  They are also keen to organise a raffle/tombola so any donations for prizes would be most welcome.  Donations can be handed in to the school office.

  • May 29 / 2015
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Head Teacher's Blog, School News

Head Teacher’s Blog – Week beginning 25.5.15



Higher Mathematics examination

Some parents have contacted us regarding the recent Higher Mathematics examination as it proved very challenging for many pupils.  I have looked in to this matter and would suggest concerned parents look at the SQA website which includes a statement regarding the examination and subsequent action.  The SQA has reassured pupils and parents that pupils will not be disadvantaged.

Interestingly on Thursday (28.5.15) I accompanied a group of S3 pupils on a visit to the Scottish Parliament and the opposition asked a question about this exam during First Minister’s Questions as a number of MSPs had been contacted by constituents raising concerns.  Nicola Sturgeon reiterated the assurances given by SQA.


Scottish National Qualifications – SCQF Levels and Timelines

An interesting table has been produced which charts current and previous qualifications outlining how qualifications correlate with previous awards.  You can access this under the Parents’ section of our website.


Blazer fittings – 4.6.15

All S5 and 6 pupils are expected to wear a blazer with the Park Mains High School badge and Schoolwear Made Easy (Paisley) provide us with a good service.  The company came into school just before the Easter break and fitted most of our current S4 pupils.  This will be followed up by a further fitting session on Thursday 4.6.15 for those who missed out.

Pupils in S1 to 4 may choose to wear a blazer if they wish.  Should parents wish any further information regarding blazers, they should contact their child’s Year Head.



  • May 15 / 2015
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Head Teacher’s blog – Week beginning 11.5.15




Dress code

The vast majority of our pupils adhere to our dress code and I hope take pride in wearing the Park Mains High School uniform.   However some pupils do challenge the expectations and recently the main challenges have been –

  • Girls wearing legging/jeggings
  • Girls wearing very short fashion skirts and
  • Pupils wearing footwear which is not all black.

As our senior pupils are mostly on study leave at present the Depute Head Teachers are taking this time to remind S1-3 pupils of our expectations.   This will be followed up by letters being sent home if required.

I would welcome the support of all parents in this matter and ask that when purchasing new items of clothing or  footwear that they be appropriate for our dress code.  Should you have any questions regarding what is appropriate please call and speak to your child’s Year Head.


Pupil bags

I am concerned that many pupils routinely leave their school bags lying unattended around the building or grounds at lunchtime.  I would like to remind all pupils and parents that if any bags/items are lost/stolen when a bag is left unattended that the school is not liable and would urge pupils not to leave their valuable unattended at any times.

  • May 08 / 2015
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School News

Return of Locker Keys S1 – S3

All locker keys should be returned at the times indicated in the file below/shown on the posters within school. All lockers must be emptied by end of school day on Thursday 21st May.

S1_2_3 Locker Key Return2015

  • May 01 / 2015
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Head Teacher's Blog, School News

Head Teacher’s blog – Week beginning 27.4.15

SQA examination diet

All S4,6 and 6 pupils who are sitting National 5, Highers etc are now on study leave. The examination diet has started well. As intimated in the Easter newsletter, pupils are welcome  to come in to school to study or meet with staff for examination preparation. If doing so they are required to be in usual dress code.



The Parentzone website has been around for some time but has recently been upgraded and I think it is now much more user friendly. To access this go to the Education Scotland website and click on Parentzone or use this link – (http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/parentzone/). When on this website you can look up any school including Park Mains High School and find a wealth of information on a wide range of issues including attainment, leavers’ destinations etc.


Enquire Conference

You may recall that our school hosted the Enquire annual conference in March.  This was a very successful event with delegates coming from all over Scotland.  I was delighted to be asked to host the event and it proved an ideal opportunity to showcase our school and pupils.  The school worked well as a venue and many of our pupils were involved in a variety of ways – performing musical items, presenting to delegates and recording the day’s events as a media team.   If you click below you will be able to watch a short film recording the events of the day.  I should also point out that all the film footage and interviews were done by our pupils.  A small group of interested pupils had a couple of training sessions with a professional media company and then on the day they had sole responsibility for capturing the day’s events.  I hope you enjoy the film and agree it shows our pupils and school in a wonderful light.

40th Anniversary Celebrations – Raffle prize appeal

I am sure you are all aware that this year marks the 4oth anniversary of Park Mains High School and there are a number of events scheduled to mark the occasion.  On 17th and 18th June a variety show will be put on in the school.  More information will be posted on the website nearer the time.  Our Parent Council has offered to run a raffle on these nights to raise funds and would therefore welcome any donations which could be used as raffle prizes.  If you would be able to donate a prize that would be most appreciated.   In the past we have received some fantastic prizes from food items (chocolates/biscuits) to vouchers for local businesses.  Any donations can be handed in to the school office.