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  • Dec 19 / 2016
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School News

S4 Art and Design – Kelvingrove Visit

47 S4 Art & Design pupils visited the Kelvingrove Museum to view an exhibition of Posters by Anton Mucha. They also took the chance to visit the Charles Rennie Mackintosh gallery also within the museum . Both exhibitions provide valuable background for the S4 Art Nouveau study which is part of the N4/N5 Art & Design course.

Chris Cardle was one of a group of Art & Design pupils who responded to a recent request from Erskine Hospital to produce a corridor mural which will be used by staff to display a series of portrait photographs.

  • Dec 19 / 2016
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School News

Renfrewshire Road Race

Park Mains High School entered teams in the recent Renfrewshire Road Race Championships 2016 at Linwood On-X. We had a very successful day overall and here are our results.

Euan Birch was 3rd overall in the S1 race.

1st year boys won the team Championships

1st year Girls were 2nd team

2nd year Girls were 2nd team

Well done to all our pupils who participated.

  • Dec 16 / 2016
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School News

S1 Pantomime

On Tuesday 13 December, 251 first year pupils and 25 staff attended the King’s Theatre in Glasgow to see this years Cinderella pantomime. (Oh no they didn’t) – Oh yes they did and a fabulous time was had by all.

This is a cultural experience for the pupils as many have have never visited a theatre, this also aids teaching of drama and plays within the English department as we can more easily discuss set, listening, stage direction etc.

Traditional Glasgow panto is also classed as a particular geure and is relevant as we live in the West of Scotland.


  • Dec 16 / 2016
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School News

S5 Cinema Trip – Snowden

A group of 16 S5 pupils along with Mr Huddleston, a teacher in History, visited the Showcase Cinema in Linwood today as part of their Elective programme. These pupils are currently completing a module on ‘Internet and Journalism’ as part of the programme and have been reviewing the methodology and themes of the module. The film ‘Snowden’ will allow pupils to scrutinise the media and news outlets with even greater efficiency.

The film explores key themes explained in the modules, for example ethics, whistleblowing, media and politics. This will help the S5 pupils have a clearer understaing of these topics.


  • Dec 15 / 2016
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School News

German Language Adventure



On Monday, 7th November S3 pupils took part in “The German Language Adventure” which was organised through the Goethe Institute.

In addition to the 95 pupils who were actively involved, a group of S6 photography pupils were on hand to capture the occasion on camera. Another S6 group helped with the organisation of the event. This included setting up work stations and ensuring that groups remained focussed throughout all the activities. Once all activities had been completed, our S6 pupils assisted with the dismantling of all the work stations.

The 95 pupils were divided into groups of 4. The groups were a mixture of boys and girls from different classes. This ensured that pupils worked collaboratively with others. Once the aim of the game had been explained, each group worked through all the stations, in the order they considered would provide them with most points.

Groups had to provide answers to various cultural and scientific questions, using the cue cards provided. German cities were located in each of the 4 classrooms used. For example, in the city of Stuttgart, one group member had to drive a car blindfold, guided only by the directions of the other group members.

A time limit was imposed and the results were then collated. At the allocated time, pupils re-grouped in the assembly hall. Prizes were distributed and pupils were able to see some of the photographs which were taken during the event. In addition to having fun, this allowed pupils to discover more about German language and culture. The importance of language learning was reinforced.

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  • Oct 31 / 2016
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School News

Danny Kyle Award Winner

Eve Sutherland S3 won the Danny Kyle award in the October holidays playing guitar in the Speigle Tent in Paisley. Her guitar playing was broadcast on the radio and she was voted in the top 3 of her group. She has also won a slot on the Celtic Connections stage.


  • Oct 31 / 2016
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School News

Advanced Higher Geography Field Trip

Pupils on their way to Arran as part of their Advanced Higher Geography field trip. Pupils patiently waiting for the ferry to Arran this morning to start their journey for the next three days. Good luck in Arran and hopefully the weather will be kind to them.