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  • Mar 04 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Author visit



An S1 English class had the opportunity to hear an author speak about his writing this week. Ross MacKenzie, who has been short-listed for both the Scottish Children’s Book Award and the Blue Peter Award, talked to pupils about what inspired him to become a writer and read an extract from his book ‘The Nowhere Emporium’.  He also relived the day he was told his first book would be published.  The phone call was from the editor who has also worked on all the Harry Potter books.  Ross also gave pupils the chance to play a part in the sequel to the book, which he is now working on. He collected their suggestions in his ‘book of ideas’ so our pupils may see their ideas in print!

Ross MacKenzie



  • Mar 02 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Parking




Our school is a busy campus but on most days there is always sufficient parking to accommodate all staff and visitors.  Occasionally we receive complaints from parents or visitors about people parking in the drop off zones so I have reminded staff that they should not park in these areas.

A number of our senior pupils now drive to school and unfortunately some of them are continuing to park in these areas despite being asked not to do so.  I would ask that parents of these pupils support us in this request.  If pupils repeatedly ignore this request they will be advised that they must park outwith the school grounds.

  • Feb 26 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Girls’ football team



As well as several boys’ football teams we also have a girls’ football team which is overseen by Mrs Shearer of the PE Department.  This week the girls’ under 15s qualified for the next stage of the SFA Cashback 7s.  Well done girls!  Here’s hoping you get through to the next round and receive the free strips.

  • Feb 26 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – S4 work experience



All S4 pupils are expected to do one week’s work experience this session.  The date for this session is week beginning 20th June.  Last Thursday S4 pupils had an assembly with Mrs Crean (Acting DHT) which focused on the procedures for work experience. 

I would like to remind pupils of the following points –

You can now go ahead and organise your work experience. Please either pick from the workIT site or organise your own through a self found placement.

There is a leaflet in your pack to help you log on to workIT.

Please DO NOT fill out a self found form if you pick a placement from the WorkIT website (this will just cause confusion) .

If a placement is on the website you MUST apply via the website. DO NOT contact companies that are on the website regarding a self found placement.

Although a placement is showing on the website it is not guaranteed the company are now in the position to take pupils. DO NOT assume that because you asked for that place you will automatically get it.  

Self found forms MUST be filled out for ALL other placements even if you would like to go to the work place of your parents, a friend or anyone else you know. This is very important as it is imperative a health & safety check be carried out prior to your placement.

Ø        Pupils intending to find their own placement can do so from now until Friday 18 March 2016.

Ø        Pupils intending to choose from the WorkIT database can do so now.

Ø        All pupils (self found or picked from the database) should have made their choices by Friday 18 March 2016.

Ø        We will make decisions on pupils initial choices by the end of April 2016.

Ø        Pupils are advised to log on regularly during to review & update their choices.  

Ø        Mrs Hards is located in the school office and is your first point of contact.

Ø        Any pupil who would like to do their placement with the NHS, Arnold Clark,  Rashilea or Barsail Primary Schools must speak to Mrs Hards ASAP as the process for these placements is slightly different.  

  • Feb 23 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Coffee morning



Mr Duncan’s 4A9 RMPS class decided to organise a coffee morning to raise funds for SAMH (The Scottish Association for Mental Health). This was as part of the SQA awarded Religion Beliefs and Values course which is being piloted in the department.  It is an SQA awarded course recently developed for core RME.

The class learned about the issue of mental health and various ideas on how to benefit our local, national and international communities.  The class then decided that fundraising for a mental health charity was the best option on how to benefit – and put the class values into action.

Pupils sent out invitations to staff and made all the arrangements.  As part of the event which took place last Friday pupils also organised a raffle of a clown cake made by Miss Davidson in Home Economics and I was delighted to win this.  The picture below shows Caitlin Judd and Josh Doherty presenting me with the cake.

In total the class raised £94 for SAMH.  Well done to all those who were involved.


  • Feb 12 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Busy week in PMHS

It has been a really busy week in PMHS with a number of visitors coming in to work with pupils and also pupils out of school at events.

On Tuesday we had two visitors from HP who met with S3 pupils.  In each session they spoke to our pupils about the value of being able to speak another language and the opportunities this can open up in the workplace.  These visitors commented most favourably on the behaviour and attitude of our pupils during the sessions.

Also on Tuesday we had two chefs who came in to work with two S4 Hospitality classes.  They did some demonstrations of garnishing and knife skills and also set the pupils a number of tasks.  It was a really busy double period for all involved.

IMGP4782    IMGP4815

On Wednesday members of the Scottish Youth Jazz Orchestra came in to hold the first of a series of workshops with our S3 Music pupils.  All the pupils really enjoyed the experience and seemed to learn a lot.

IMGP4855  IMGP4833






I really welcome the opportunities for our pupils to work with outside visitors so I thank those who were in PMHS this week most warmly.

Also last Friday 6 S2 pupils attended the Junk Kouture semi finals rehearsals at the Glasgow Royal concert Hall where 2 of the pupils  modelled the 2 groups winning creations on the final catwalk. Pupils were ecstatic to have got through to the semi finals alongside 81 other groups from schools all over Scotland. Our two models rocked the catwalk showcasing all their hard work spent during their lunchtime over the past few months.

IMG_5750              IMG_5765

  • Feb 09 / 2016
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Head Teachers’ Blog – Assemblies



This week the Depute Head Teachers are having assemblies with their year groups.  I have asked them to remind pupils of our expectations in a number of areas.

Time keeping – Pupils are expected to be at all their classes on time.  If we see a pattern of a pupil arriving late to class on many occasions, he/she will be placed on after school detention.

Dress code – Yet again the Year Heads are speaking mainly to our girls about dress code.  We have noticed that an increasing number of our girls are wearing leggings/jeggings to school and we do not consider this to be acceptable dress code.

The vast majority of our pupils never have to be spoken to about these issues and I thank them for complying with our expectations.  We also really value parental support on these matters.

  • Feb 05 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s blog – INSET day and long weekend




This is just reminder that pupils are not in school next Friday (12.2.16) as we have an in-service day for staff and the school is closed for the mid-term break on Monday (15.2.16) and Tuesday (16.2.16).  I hope all staff, pupils and their families enjoy their break.

  • Jan 22 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s Blog – Communications with staff




I hope you are all aware that we encourage parents to communicate with key staff when they feel this is required.  I would always advise parents that if there is something on your mind and you are wondering whether to ‘phone us, then please do.  Even it turns out not to be a big issue it is better to talk things through with us.


Often your child’s Guidance teacher will be the first point of contact.  I would however remind you that all staff, except the Head Teacher post, have a teaching commitment and may not be available to take your call at the time.   For example our Guidance staff are in class for 13 periods a week and in addition to this they have a large caseload of around 325 pupils so are always dealing with many different issues so it may take some time for the member of staff to call you back.   Obviously if a matter is urgent our office staff will always endeavour to have someone take your call.

  • Jan 15 / 2016
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Head Teacher’s blog – S6 Geography students shaping the future of Erskine




Shaping the future of Erskine

Our National 7 (Advanced Higher) Geography students have been helping to design the future of the town centre and riverside area, as part of a Council-led plan to give the town a better centre.  Local town planner Nick Wright came into run a session in PMHS and was very impressed by our pupils.  Nick commented,  “Not only did the students demonstrate a great understanding of how the town centre is from a young person’s perspective, but they made a great start on a new plan for the centre and riverside! I’m hoping they’ll be able to bring their ideas to our public workshops in early February and get more involved in that.”

Our pupils’ ideas ​included making the town centre greener and more contemporary, getting another bar or restaurant to give more to do in the evening, better transport to Bishopton and Braehead, and creating a public square with more shops, activity and space to sit down by the river.

​T​hese ideas could really go somewhere.  A series of public workshops is being held in Erskine Sports Centre from Tuesday 2nd February to Saturday 6th February, where a team of planners and designers will be working with local residents and businesses to work out a plan that meets everyone’s needs, catches everyone’s imagination, yet is realistic and achievable.  Our students’ ideas will be as much a part of the plan as anybody else’s. Other ideas include a cultural/music hub, a new park and more affordable homes – and much more besides.

All parents or pupils are welcome to come to any of the events – full details at facebook.com/ErskineCharrette -and you can have your say ​on the
facebook page too​.

All pupils will also be issued with a paper copy of information leaflet below next week of the inform

It’s your opportunity to shape the future of Erskine!

A5 Erskine flyer final 3                                                            park mains AH geography