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  • Jun 12 / 2017
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Parent Council – New Members

Parent Council June 2017 : Russell Overend recently gave a talk about the Parent Council at the P7 Induction evening encouraging more parents/carers to become involved in the work of the Parent Council. Russell has been a member of the PC for a number of years and gave his view on his experience and the benefits of being involved.

All parents/carers are welcome to attend meetings (7 are held each year), if you can’t attend you can be added to our email distribution list or keep up with minutes via Facebook, Twitter and the school website.

This is my final year on the Parent Council and I have found it a great way of finding out more about the life of the school and being involved in discussions and consultations affecting the education of our children. I would recommend getting involved, meetings are held in the school and last about 90 minutes so not a huge commitment of time. Have a look at Russell’s update on the school website to find out more about the work of the PC.

The first meeting next year is Monday 21st August and the agenda will be issued via the school website.

Wishing you a Happy Summer from all on the Parent Council.


Caroline Devlin

Chair of the PMHS Parent Council

  • Jun 12 / 2017
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Parent Council Message – S1 Parent Information Evening

PMHS Parent Council; talk to P7 parents, Russell Overend June 2017

I’d like to talk to you about the Parent Council. I joined the Parent Council when my son started in S1 and I have got a lot out of attending the Parent Council meetings. I’d like to try and persuade some of you to come along to future Parent Council Meetings or at least sign up to receive the e mails and minutes.

So what’s it all about? Many of you will be aware of PTA’s or Parent Partnerships in the primary schools. In my experience the Parent Council quite different to the primary school. It’s not all organising school discos and fundraising. Nor is it like a school board where it is policy, recruitment and financial planning.

As one of the best High Schools in Renfrewshire (if not the best) there is a lot going on in the school and a lot that your kids can participate in.

Subjects, subject choices, Duke of Edinburgh, sports teams and competitions, musical instruments, school concerts, dancing, work experience, school trips, activities weeks, workplace visits, charities,

Your teenagers probably won’t tell you about all these activities so the Parent Council is a good way to find out what was going on in the school. I attended the parent council initially just for information but found it useful for many other things. I would recommend it to you if you are new to the school and want to find out a lot more about the school.

The formal objectives of the parent council is to:

  • Create an inclusive welcoming school
  • Aid the communications between the school and parents.
  • To consult on matters effecting the education and welfare of pupils
  • To fundraise for additional activities and equipment for the pupils.

In practice the Parent Council has only 7 meeting a year – each lasting about 90 minutes.

We always have a talk by the Head Boy and Head Girl (from S6) – events, ideas for improvement, their work with charities, buddy system with the first years…

We always have a head teachers report – Mr Dewar will go over what has happened over the last month and what is happening over the next month. Mr Dewar will also cover any proposed changes, consult on policy coming from Renfrewshire Council, review educational performance, updates on staffing. Review new ideas – electronic homework diary, discuss new work experience ideas.

We often invite some guest speakers – careers and guidance staff, year heads etc.

We do a bit of fundraising and provide some additional resources for the school. This year we purchased a new laser cutter for the technology department with the aim of making the school the most technological advanced schools in Renfrewshire. We also sponsored some new junior awards for STEM subjects and the Arts. We have previously funded a new school mini bus and some recording equipment for music.

There is an opportunity to raise any concerns or suggest improvements.

So if you are interested please get in touch or check out the Parent Council section on the School Website.

Russell Overend

  • Feb 07 / 2017
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Parent Council Minutes

Parent Council – Fundraising

Parent Council Fundraising

Our target for this year is to raise £3,000 towards the cost of a 3D printer/scanner. Pupils across the school in most subject areas will benefit from this new equipment along with groups of pupils in Enterprise group, Eco group, Duke of Edinburgh and STEM.

We raised £200 at the Christmas Concert, and have now reached £1,700. Thank you for your contributions.

We are always grateful for raffle donations and these can be handed into the school office at any time.

  • Jan 31 / 2017
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Work Experience Information – S4 Pupils and Parents

Work Experience – Points to Remember

  • DO NOT fill out a self -found form for a placement that is on the WorkIT website. If it is on the website, you MUST apply through the website.
  • If you are applying for a place on WorkIT you MUST fill out the profile section. If you do not fill out this section your application WILL NOT be considered.
  • It is the pupil’s responsibility to check WorkIT to see if they have been allocated the placement they have requested. If your placement is declined, you will need to apply for another or find a self-found place.
  • The school is unable to find a placement for you. There are places available on the WorkIT site. If you a struggling to find a place we will try to assist you as best we can, but it is up to you to find your own placement.
  • Posters will be put up in the corridor next to the assembly hall showing what places are available on WorkIT and details of companies that have previously taken pupils on a self- found basis.
  • Pupils wishing to go to the NHS, Arnold Clark, Rashilea Primary or Barsail Primary should speak to Mrs Hards in the school office as there are slightly different procedures for these placements.
  • NHS placements – It is easier if you can find your own NHS place. If you are looking for the NHS to find you a place, there is no guarantee that this will be possible. Anyone wishing an NHS place should see Mrs Hards for a separate NHS Form.

Many Thanks


Work Experience Presentation for S4

  • Jan 17 / 2017
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Parent Information

S4 Parent’s Interview Evening

The S4 Parent’s Interview evening will take place this Thursday, 19th January 2107 between 4.45pm and 7.15pm in the school. All S4 pupils received their annual report last Friday 13th January to take home to parents/guardians. This report also included a Course Choice options form for each pupil to consider, complete and return to the school after the Parent’s Evening.

Pupils will be given the opportunity to discuss their options choice for next year with their Guidance Teacher as part of the Course Choice process.